Master in Health Economics and Management (HEM)

Posted on: 
Apr 19, 2012
Start and end date of your course: 
Sep 24, 2012
University of Bologna
Posted on: 
Apr 19, 2012
Start and end date of your course: 
Sep 24, 2012
University of Bologna

Course Details

Type of course: 
Master Program

Entry Requirements: 
The ideal candidate should have adequate knowledge in economics and quantitative methods. 1. To be admitted to HEM it is necessary to hold an Italian undergraduate degree in one of the following disci

Course Fees: 
Yearly tuition fees for the academic year 2012-2013 are € 2913. Notice that the exact amount can be slightly different (+/- € 5) due to accomplishments with national tax law. Tuition Fee Waivers and Study Grants available.

Location of Course

School of Economics - University of Bologna - Piazza Scaravilli, 2
40126 Bologna


is a 2-year Master Level curriculum (120 ECTS) that uniquely combines economics, management and law to form a far-sighted and socially responsible top executive of private and public organizations operating in the health care sector.


HEM prepares students to be employed in staff and executive positions in organizations and institutions involved in health care provision. A key to the fulfillment of a steady job in this sector is awareness of the societal relevance of health care and the implied constraints imposed by regulation and the law. Therefore the programme aims to develop competences and expertise in the field of health economics and policy, health care management, health law and regulation.
The prospective candidate will develop:
• knowledge of key options in the policy, planning and financing of health care services;
• an ability to use disciplines required in formulating, implementing and evaluating strategic choices in health care;
• an understanding of the diversity of international health policies.
• gain practical experience in managerial issues;
• develop basic quantitative skills and the ability to apply them in a problem-solving context;
• develop communication and co-operation skills.


Health care is a prominent sector in every economy. Most countries are confronted with growing challenges within this sector, due to increasing demand pressure, changing needs and technological innovation. To address these challenges, many countries have implemented several reforms, such as new health care financing systems, the restructuring of health organisations, the use of strategic planning and attempts to devise more customized incentive systems. In this context the demand for personnel with the competencies acquired through this programme is evident. Career destinations after graduation are wide and varied.
HEM prepare students to seek employment in many sectors including the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries, consultancy firms, insurers and insurance funds, large health care providers, government, international organizations, NGOs and non-profit organizations.
HEM also gives students a solid foundation for entering a PhD programme or for further research.
Our graduates can fruitfully work out functions like:

- managing relations with public administrations, regulatory authorities and international organisations;
- fulfilling administrative duties that require economic reasoning, management skills and legal competencies;
- addressing executive duties in insurance and pharmaceutical companies, large hospitals and third payer institutions;
- providing consultancy and economic advising in health related policies;
- supporting strategic analysis and decision-making in health care markets;
- evaluating health promotion programs and public interventions in the health care markets;
- developing research projects and activities in the health economic and management fields

Tuition Fee Waivers & Grants available!


Apply or ask questions per Email

Full Name: 
Massimo Vetrò
Email Address:

Please remember to mention INOMICS on your application

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