Introducing 11 Academia Networks

Introducing 11 Academia Networks


11 Academia Networks is a group of niche platforms hosting study, career and event opportunities in over 60 disciplines. Our users consist of 1 million+ students, job-seekers, professionals and academics, who rely on our tailor-made services to help them take their next ‘big step’.

A career is more than just a job!

Our aim is to help students, researchers and professionals, from the over 60 different disciplines, to find the best opportunities - personalized to their area of expertise – enabling them to reach their academic and professional goals.

Our 11 websites cater to all stages of the career path. Whether entry, or senior level, we pride ourselves in offering our users all they need to further their career.

We strongly believe in the benefits connecting those in the same area of research can bring, particularly when advancing through the tricky world of academia. It is a process we facilitate and encourage through our discipline-focused websites. Parallel to these we also offer a range of multi-discipline portals catering to an array of different professions. Across all platforms the exchange of ideas, advice, and general collaboration are all promoted.

Our endeavor is to offer high quality, relevant and up-to-date opportunities that match with the career goals and interests of our users - it is a service we deliver confidently.

The power of niche recruitment

Our niche platforms offer you, our customer, an effective and innovative way to recruit the best students and staff, and to promote your institution worldwide. Our targeted recruitment strategy ensures quality applicants, as well as high-profile international promotion to your designated audience.

How it works:

  1. SELECT YOUR AUDIENCE: Economists, engineers, researchers, students, etc.
  2. SELECT YOUR PREFERRED MARKETING CHANNELS: Online announcements, social media, email, editorial content, etc.
  3. WE MATCH YOUR OFFER AND AUDIENCE WITH THE RIGHT NICHE WEBSITES: A network of 11 websites ready to distribute your offer
  4. WE DELIVER RESULTS BASED ON YOUR CONVERSION GOALS: Community reach, traffic to your website, lead generation, etc.

Meet our 11 niche websites

Our specialist career websites for niche audiences help users develop their careers through the provision of personalized, up-to-date, relevant and high quality opportunities and information.

The following details the specifics of each platform: their function; target audience; and potential utility for customers



INOMICS – The career site for economists

INOMICS is the go-to site for economists to advance their careers and expand their networks in economics and social sciences. We are committed to help our community members stay up-to-date with career news and opportunities.


INOMICS offers:

  • Real-time job board, conference catalogue and study offers in all economics disciplines
  • All information needed for career development in one place.
  • Regular updates of new offers via email and social media.
  • Top career advice and trends from experts.

Reach top economists worldwide:

  • Master’s students and PhD candidates
  • Professors at all levels of seniority
  • Industry and academic Researchers


Conference Monkey

Conference Monkey – Find Academic conferences worldwide

Conference Monkey helps researchers and scientists to find, prepare and attend the best conferences and workshops in the greatest locations all around the world.


Conference Monkey offers:

  • Up-to-date listings of the best conferences, fairs, workshops and events in 60+ disciplines and 150+ countries.
  • Personalized conference alerts and paper submission reminders
  • All information needed to prepare, attend and network at conferences and events

Get access to the highest quality researchers and scientists from all over the world:

  • Scientists
  • PhD students
  • Academia
  • Industry professionals – The career site for engineers is the online career portal for engineering graduates and professionals, providing a unique layout of engineering and engineering related jobs, study programs, news and other career specific information and services. offers:

  • Real-time job board specialized for engineering disciplines
  • Selection of top quality employers and recruiters
  • All information needed in one place: conferences, training, study programs
  • Email alerts based on your interests and career goals

Meet the most adept engineering professionals from across the globe:

  • Engineering graduates
  • Engineering professionals
  • Engineering researchers
  • Cross-discipline professionals



Codeslaw – The tastiest opportunities for programmers. (U+002E)

codeslaw is the software engineer’s and programmer’s delicious niche website which assists them in reaching their career goals.


Codeslaw offers:

  • Wide array of tech jobs, career opportunities and study programs
  • Conferences and training opportunities to enhance tech skills
  • Latest news and trends in career development in the IT industry
  • Personalized email alerts matching your career interests.

Meet the most talented students, professionals and researchers in software development and computer science:

  • Programmers
  • Developers
  • Computer Scientists



STUDYPUNK – Rock your bachelor’s with STUDYPUNK

STUDYPUNK helps prospective young students pursue their career goals by giving them a view behind the scenes of universities, study programs and student life.



  • THE VIBE: The spirit of every campus Ruby has been to.
  • THE INSIGHTS: Ruby’s experience as a student.
  • THE LIST: Shortcut to your dream universities.

Meet eager young minds bursting with talent and promise:

  • High School Students
  • Pre-Undergraduate Students
  • Second-Bachelor’s Students – The digital skills portal is the specialized information hub for building and enhancing your digital skills and expertise. offers:

  • Real-time job board specialized in IT management and digital consultancy
  • Training opportunities to boost digital skills
  • Digital trends and developments in business, design and technology

Meet the finest experts and managers in the digital industry:

  • Digital Experts
  • Leaders in the IT industry
  • Senior Managers
  • IT & Digital Consultants



Research Jobs – Find jobs in top institutions worldwide

RESEARCH JOBS helps highly qualified academic professionals make their next informed career choice by compiling and filtering the best and most appropriate career opportunities according to discipline.



  • All-in-one collection of jobs and research events.
  • Career advice in particular fields and countries so you can plan your next career move.
  • Email notifications about deadlines and new opportunities

Locate and recruit the finest intellectuals from around the world in any academic discipline:

  • Postdoctoral graduates
  • Researchers
  • PhD Candidates
  • Professors – The site for professors is designed for modern professors who are looking to enhance their academic careers in the digital era. offers:

  • A complete online compendium of jobs and conferences in academia
  • Training opportunities to boost digital skills as a professor
  • Trends and developments in pedagogy and education

Academic professionals in 150+ countries and 60+ disciplines:

  • Post-doctoral graduates
  • Professors at all seniority levels
  • Researchers working in academia



BioBirds – The career feed in life sciences

BioBirds is the online hub of career, study and event opportunities in life sciences for people at all stages of their careers and academic paths.


BioBirds offers:

  • Latest job vacancies, conferences, study and training opportunities in life sciences
  • Latest career news and trending topics related to your discipline
  • Directory of top employers for your next career move

Meet the brilliant minds who are pushing the boundaries in life sciences fields:

  • Scientists
  • Postdoctoral graduates
  • Researchers
  • Professionals



Medfrogs – Jumpstart your medicine and health career

Medfrogs is the most expansive online selection of jobs and career-related opportunities for people in or entering the medical profession.


Medfrogs offers:

  • Selection of jobs, courses, programs and events
  • Up-to-date discipline-specific news and insights on the latest developments in your field
  • Advice and tips on how to stay a cut above the rest while growing your career

Reach the most distinguished professionals and students in the medical field:

  • Students
  • Consultants
  • Academics
  • Corporate Executives/Management



Lingufish – The career stream for linguists

Lingufish is the most comprehensive platform that helps you find top study and career opportunities in linguistics and language studies.


Lingufish offers:

  • Up-to-date and relevant jobs in the linguistics area
  • Training opportunities and study opportunities to boost your skills
  • Trending topics in the area of linguistics and language studies

Meet the best and most qualified linguists:

  • Students at all levels
  • Researchers in academia and in industry
  • Cross-discipline professionals interested in linguistics subjects.


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