Annual Academia-Industry Exchange 2018

The Open University of Hong Kong

Conference on Ethics, Responsible Business & Sustainable Development: 
Challenges and Opportunities for Transformation and Growth

The Institute of International Business & Governance (IIBG) of The Open University of Hong Kong welcomes you to the Annual Academia-Industry Exchange 2018, to be held on 7th - 8th December, 2018 in Hong Kong. This 3rd conference of the Institute will be an interdisciplinary forum that involves international academia, scholars, researchers, industry practitioners and policy makers to exchange knowledge, ideas and experiences on business ethics and sustainable development, and to explore opportunities for future collaboration.

Can economic development enhance the quality of life of millions of people, whereas some business activities are often at hefty social and environmental costs? By bringing together multidisciplinary academia and business leaders across the globe, the Annual Academia-Industry Exchange 2018 aims to foster an exchange of ideas to overcome the barriers on the bumpy road to a sustainable future. In the past few decades, the rise of the paradigm of sustainability has shifted our focus from productivity to efficiency; from a linear system of production and consumption to a circular model with the awareness of finite nature resources; and from defining success by the mere use of financial metrics to valuing the social and environmental impacts. The initiatives taken by the business sector include redefining and aligning organizational goals, strategies and business models; embedding sustainability in decisions and practices; collaborating with the civil society in advocating and fossilizing systems changes for the public good.


The question of why, how, and under what conditions different types of initiatives can emerge and thrive has attracted significant academic interest. Much research has studied the roles played by the governments, businesses, financial institutions, and non-government organizations in building the resilience and sustainability of various industries in specific social, economic, political, technological and legislative environments. A growing number of studies have also enriched our understanding of the major arguments advanced in the “business case” of responsible business. Some researchers have enquired into how organizations should structure themselves, both within and across organizational boundaries, to align with their values, strategies, technology, routines and culture in order to effectively embed sustainability into their operations. There is also a growing consensus on the importance of education for sustainable development, which empowers everyone to become active change agents working towards a sustainable future.

Conference Themes

The main theme of the Annual Academia-Industry Exchange 2018 is “Ethics, Responsible Business & Sustainable Development: Challenges and Opportunities for Transformation and Growth”. The conference sub-themes, for both competitive sessions and poster sessions, are as follows:

Sustainability Challenges

Corporate Governance, Accountability and Ethics

Sustainable Finance and Investment

Sustainable Business Models and Strategies

Sustainable HRM

Sustainable Production and Consumption

Social Entrepreneurship

Spirituality and Sustainability

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