Belgian Network Research Meeting

ENI Enrico Mattei Foundation (FEEM)


This annual meeting is a place for the Belgium-based researchers interested in the network paradigm to meet and communicate their results, regardless of the discipline: biology, communication, economics, geography, history, informatics, mathematics, medicine, physics, sociology, statistics, etc.

Previous editions were held in Louvain-La-Neuve (UCL 2016), Namur (UNamur 2015), Brussels (ULB 2014), Leuven (IIS/KUL 2013), Antwerpen (UA 2012) and Brussels (VUB 2011). See here for respective websites.

The scope of the meeting includes but is not restricted to:

Social & organizational theory

Economics & Finance

Social media & On-line activities

Human communication & mobility

Information diffusion & opinion dynamics

Political networks & collective action

Ecology, Ethology, food webs

Biology & Bioinformatics


Physics, Mathematics & Statistics

Modelling & Data Analysis

Geography & Urban Dynamics

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New York City , United States