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Fringe Events

Orbiting around the main theme of the conference, Europe as a globale player, the fringe events are sessions developed in parallel to the conference sessions that focus on one of the SOU2020 topics.

The fringe events are organised by both internal EUI partners and external stakeholders through a partnership agreement. They unfold in a variety of formats โ€“ roundtable, book presentations, workshops, networking get-together โ€“ and offer a great platform to discuss and exchange views under the overarching framework of The State of the Union.

The 10th edition of The State of the Union will feature over ten fringe events.

You will find them listed in this page soon, so stay tuned!


The European Union is navigating in a rapidly changing world, characterised by rising concerns over global commons, a shifting economic and geopolitical power balance, and major challenges to multilateralism. The rules-based order it used to regard itself as part of is falling apart; great-power rivalry is on the rise; and the effects of already locked-in climate change and its underpinning, untreated causes loom. New, more polycentric modes of global governance are emerging, whose robustness and effectiveness remain uncertain. The future of the EU and its ability to meet the needs of its citizens in large part will depend on how it succeeds in upgrading its role in this international environment.

For the tenth edition of The State of the Union, the Scientific Committee has designed a comprehensive programme under the overarching theme of Europe as a global player which will consider the EUโ€™s threefold role as regulator, negotiator and actor in examining the following topics:

AI: Promises and challenges of Artificial Intelligence for Europe

Climate: Enhancing the implementation of the Paris Agreement: what role for emerging G20 economies?

Competition: Extraterritoriality and the challenges of global competition

Civil Society: Transnational governance and the mobilization of civil society

Currency: Promoting the international role of the euro

Data: Going beyond borders: EU privacy and security

Defence: Defending Europe: the search for strategic autonomy

Development: EU and Africa: partners in a new world

Digital Sovereignty: The EU in the new global digital economy

Finance: The EU role on regulating international banking and finance

Gender: The EU as a global promoter of gender equality

Geopolitics: The EU in the new geopolitics

Governance: Trends and shifts in global governance and the role of the EU

Human Rights:The EU as human rights global player

Migration: Navigating the โ€œpost-crisisโ€ EU migration policy

Peace: EU: a promoter of peace in the broader region?

Taxation: Whatโ€™s wrong in international tax and what to do about it?

The European Green Deal: Opportunities and challenges

The Pierre Werner Report @ 50

The UN@75

Trade: Trade policy and the EU: conflict or cooperation?

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