Crash Course in Experimental Economics

This one-week crash course is an introduction to the field of experimental economics. The course provides students with skills needed to design and run an experiment. There will be an additional one-day module on Statistical Data Analysis at the end of the course (on August 25).

This introductory course provides an in-depth analysis of some recent developments, including the rapid growth of behavioural economics and the increased use of field experiments. Because experimental economics is a methodology often used to test economic theory, the course also covers theoretical issues (more specifically, game theory), when appropriate.

Topics include

  • experimental methodology
  •  behavioural economics (public goods, bargaining, other-regarding preferences)
  • industrial organisation (auctions, double auction, market power, mechanism design)
  •  individual decision-making (expected utility, probability weighting)
  •  analysis of experimental data

Teaching method

  • lectures given by the instructor
  • participation in experiment run by the instructors
  • experiments developed and run by groups of students
  • presentations of experimental results

For the experiments, students will be split into groups of 5 or 6. Each group will develop an experiment on their preferred topic and run the experiment using the other students as participants. The groups will then analyze the data and present the results. A class discussion will follow.



The summer school welcomes Master’s and PhD students, alumni, professionals in Economics and related fields, who are interested in mastering the essential skills to design and run an experiment. The level is introductory, targeted at participants who have no or little experience in running experiments.

Academic director

Prof. Arthur Schram (University of Amsterdam and RSCA, European University Institute, Italy)


30 participants


The one-week crash course takes place at the University of Amsterdam, Roeterstraat 11, Amsterdam. The one-day module on Statistical Data Analysis at the end of the course takes place at Tinbergen Institute Amsterdam, Gustav Mahlerplein 117, 1082 MS Amsterdam

Degree programme





3 ECTS (5 ECTS with paper), 1 week


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Certificate and 3 ECTS (5 ECTS with paper), 1 week

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Regular fees: 1250 - 1550 EUR

International Fees : 1000 - 1250 EUR


Tinbergen Institute Summer School

Our courses are aimed for students who are up for a challenging and academically rigorous program.

The small class size makes it easy to interact with the lecturers and to fully explore the specific field.

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U21/LERU Partial Scholarship, The Amsterdam University Fund (AUF Travel Grant)


University of Amsterdam, Roeterstraat 11, Amsterdam

Amsterdam , Netherlands

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