Econometrics in Agricultural Sciences

Participants will learn theories concerning applied econometrics analysis in the agri-food sector and will develop proficiency with software to facilitate the initiation of their own research in topics related to the agri-food sector. The course deals with both conceptual and methodological issues.

The course is oriented toward PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and professionals with interest in agricultural economics and applied economics. The course is also open to undergraduate with a strong background.

The course consists of theory and method sessions, divided in morning sessions for the presentation of theoretical aspects, afternoon practical sessions to provide exposure to analytical exercises, simulations, and econometric estimations. In particular, the practical will include applications of the theory, computer analyses with actual data sets, and interpretations in practice. At the end of each practical, answers and reflections will be handed in (four times). Participants receive feedback on the next course day.

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:

- Understand basic econometric

- Model economic problems related to the agri-food sector

- Critically assess econometric analyses related to the agri-food sector

- Understand advanced topics in applied econometrics for the agri-food sector

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