International School for Advanced Training in Impact Evaluation of Development Policies

The Rossi-Doria Centre (CRES), Roma Tre University, the Italian Centre for International Development, University of Tor Vergata, and the Department of Economics and Social Sciences, Sapienza University, in partnership with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), are organizing the First Edition of the International School for Advanced Training “Impact Evaluation for Development policies”.


The School is designed to serve the needs of government and non-governmental organization officials, private professionals and practitioners, researchers and doctoral students with an interest in development and public policy evaluation. The objective is to provide participants with the skills and competences for impact evaluations in development policies. This will be achieved through a focus on both a “hands-on” approach to the discussion of specific examples of policies and programs, and also on the most recent analytical techniques.


The School focuses on three pillars:


Identification of the policy framework (e.g. policy maker’s objectives, program beneficiaries, contextual factors).


Identification of the key instruments for assessing the policy’s impact. How to select the most suitable tool in light of the specific context and how to apply it.


The practice of the policy’s impact evaluation. How to carry out the evaluation exercise, useful data sources and data collection, software and main statistical packages. This will be mainly achieved in the lab sessions in the afternoon.

A series of multimedia materials, specifically designed to provide participants with the basic knowledge required to understand and benefit from the lessons of the course, will be made available before the start of the School.

Lecturers and invited speakers

Aslihan Arslan (IFAD); Gero Carletto (World Bank); Giovanni Cerulli (IRCrES-CNR); Emilio Ciarlo (Italian Agency for Development Cooperation); Silvio Daidone (FAO); Talip Kilic (World Bank); Emiliano Magrini (FAO); Pierluigi Montalbano (Sapienza University and Sussex University); Silvia Nenci (Roma Tre University); Carlo Pietrobelli (Roma Tre University and UNU Merit); Eleonora Porreca (University of Tor Vergata); Furio Rosati (University of Tor Vergata); Luca Salvatici (Rossi-Doria Centre); Sara Savastano (IFAD); Carlo Segni (Cassa Depositi e Prestiti); Maximo Torero (FAO); Paul Winters (IFAD).

Internship opportunities

The Research and Impact Assessment Division (RIA) of IFAD offers an internship opportunity for one participant.

Organizing Committee of Development Policies’ Module

Pierluigi Montalbano, Silvia Nenci, Carlo Pietrobelli, Furio Rosati and Luca Salvatici.

Organisation Offices: Genny Sangiovanni


The Call for application with the details on program, costs, fellowships, and the application form, is available at the following page of the Manlio Rossi-Doria Research Centre website:


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Regular fees: 500 - 750 EUR

International Fees : 250 EUR


The School course will be held at the Economics Department of Roma Tre University. There is a limit of about 20 participants.


Reduced tuition fees of 100€ apply for PhD students in Economics of the organizing institutions (Roma Tre, Sapienza, Tor Vergata).

Important dates

Applications should be made using the following Application Form by 30th April 2019.

In case of acceptance, participants will be notified by 13th May 2019.

Registrations should be completed by 20th May 2019.


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Rome , Italy

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