Introduction to Architecture: Foundational Studies and Portfolio Development

The Cooper Union’s Introduction to Architecture is an intensive 4-week program that offers an immersive experience into the study of architecture as a discipline and profession. The program will familiarize the college-level student with architectural design, thought, and practice, in the context of downtown Manhattan - a vibrant neighborhood of art, music, culture and commerce. The core of the program, the Design Studio, is taught by faculty of the School of Architecture and is supplemented by visiting critics and lecturers. Every morning begins in the studio spaces designed by renowned architect John Hejduk in the landmark Foundation Building . In the afternoons, students will participate in seminar and/or workshops that draw on what makes education at The Cooper Union unique, with its strong emphasis on design and making, and a close reading of architectural texts. Weeklong afternoon sessions begin with an introduction to shop techniques, including instruction on working with a variety of materials and tools; followed by a freehand drawing session, in which students explore and refine their observation and representation skills; and concluding with a variety of sessions introducing students to the domains of knowledge practiced in the architectural profession today, such as digital analysis and representation, and 3-D modeling and fabrication.

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