Trento AED Summer School XIX edition: Macroeconomics after the Financial Crisis: Looking Ahead

University of Trento
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The Trento Summer School in Adaptive Economic Dynamics will be offering its XIX edition, June 4-15, 2018.  It will be the last in the series and will focus on “Macroeconomics after the Financial Crisis: Looking Ahead”. Some of the questions we would like to explore include: What weaknesses did the crisis reveal in the models upon which policy-makers have relied?  What approaches show promise in dealing with these issues? 

The lecturers in the summer school are both academics and policy makers, seasoned economists and young professionals making their mark in the field.  We hope for a fruitful encounter in which the students will play a part. 

Directors: Axel Leijonhufvud UCLA and University of Trento, Professor emeritus, Martin Guzman, Columbia University and University of Buenos Aires,Daniel Heymann, University of Buenos Aires


Salvatore Rossi, Deputy Governor, Bank of Italy

Andy Haldane, Chief Economist, Bank of England

Claudio Borio, Bank for International Settlements, Switzerland

Richard Koo, Chief economist, Nomura Research Institute, Japan

Jonathan Ostry ,Deputy Director of the Research Department, International Monetary Fund

Marcus Miller, professor, University of Warwick, U.K.

Sheila Dow, Emeritus Professor of Economics, University of Stirling, Scotland, U.K.

Alp Simsek, Professor, MIT US

Andrea Fracasso, Professor and Head of the SIS, School of International Studies , University of Trento Italy

Arjun Jayadev, , Assistant Professor University of Massachusetts Boston and Azim Premji University Bangalore, India

Josh Mason, Assistant Professor, CUNY, US

Dorothee Rouzet, OECD.

Roberto Tamborini, Professor, University of Trento, Italy

Daniel Heymann, Director, Interdisciplinary Institute of Political Economy (IIEP BAIRES), University of Buenos Aires and Argentine National Research Council (CONICET) , Argentina

Martin Guzman, Columbia University, US and University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

The attendance is free of charge. Food and accommodation are covered by the school. The admitted students are required to attend the entire duration of the school.

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