INOMICS Winter Offer 2021

Need a head-start this recruitment season? Attract more talented economists to join your Institution with our special offer. 


Book Now for $350* ($375)


1) Email Alert Ad: your personalised section in our bi-weekly newsletter ads, allowing our users to focus on your opportunity with your customised text, logo and application deadline.

2) Repost: refresh your Announcement and make it look as new by placing it back at the top of the search results and bringing it into focus for more of our dedicated users.

3) Social Media Ad: show greater presence on social media platforms with our high engagement posts while building brand awareness


Book Deadline Boost Pack 



To book this offer, send us an email at with ‘Deadline Boost’ in in the subject line and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Offer valid until 15 May 2021. Offer applies to existing Announcements on INOMICS site and can be booked alongside new Announcements. 

In case of listed Announcements, the Deadline Boost Pack includes a free upgrade to Basic Announcement for up to 90 days or until the deadline for application. 


*Prices are valid for customers located in the US and Canada only. Orders from the US and Canada are exempt from German/EU Tax.
The offer is effective only in combination with an Online Announcement on INOMICS.