Doctoral Positions at the International Graduate Program “Evidenced-Based Economics”

Funded by the Elitenetzwerk Bayern, the

International Graduate Program “Evidenced-Based Economics”

offers 10 FULLY FUNDED DOCTORAL POSITIONS starting in October 2017


The faculty of the International Graduate Program “Evidenced-Based Economics” comprises members of the Economics Departments in Munich, Erlangen-Nuremberg and Regensburg.

The program provides excellent research facilities (up-to-date software, fully equipped offices, experimental labs), a variety of specifically designed internal as well as guest courses, and a wide-ranging international research network. Our faculty has extensive experience in structured graduate education and a strong academic placement record. Students will be based in Munich, Erlangen-Nuremberg, or Regensburg.

Research Program

The main innovation of the EBE research program is the integration of theory, empirical methods, and policy analysis in both training and research of students. It focuses on an integrated methodological approach which allows for substantive applications from different fields in economics, among them three main research areas: “Individual behavior and long-run outcomes in health and education”, “Incentives in firms and markets”, and “Institution design constrained by social norms and material incentives”.

The first year of the program is devoted to acquiring the methodological competence needed to conduct research in the field of EBE and to develop first research ideas. The second year of the program is then focused on defining and developing a research agenda while the third and fourth years of the program are devoted to writing and finishing the thesis.

Doctoral Candidates

We aim to recruit excellent graduate students with a strong and credible interest in Evidence-Based Economics. Graduate students should be highly motivated and able to conduct independent research. The program is taught entirely in English. Proficiency in German is not required. We expect knowledge in microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics at an advanced Master’s level. Therefore, the standard entry requirement is a completed Master’s degree in economics. Exceptions from this rule are possible in special circumstances. In these cases, any missing graduate-level training will be specified in an individual supervision agreement.


Contract at one of the participating universities: TV-L E13 / 75% meaning approximately 1600€ net of taxes and social security depending on personal circumstances.

Generous budget for conference travel, exchange visits and experiments.


Please submit your application via our webpage.

The application procedure takes place via an online application tool administered by the Munich Graduate School of Economics. You will first need to generate an individual account. Once this is done, you can log into the system with your personal login and password.

Once you get to the Welcome Page, please choose "Munich Graduate School of Economics" from the list. In your individual account, then choose the EBE Program as one of your program priorities.

The system allows you to modify your application as often as you want, but you must submit your application at the latest on March 31, 2017.

An admission committee screens applications on a rolling basis. Applicants who present a detailed offer may ask the admission committee for an early decision.

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