EcoMod Modeling School - London 2017: Global VAR modeling using the GVAR Toolbox 2.0


The EcoMod Modeling School will offer an intensive four-day course in London. The training is fully practical and provides 'hands-on' experience through intensive use of exercises on the computer.

University students and staff get a discount of 25% of the course fees. Please send (by email: or by fax: +1 413 517 0900) a copy of your student or staff card.

EcoMod offers a limited number of partial scholarships to candidates from developing countries and transition economies. To submit your application, please click here. The deadline to apply for a scholarship is two months before the beginning of the course.

The following course is offered:

Global VAR modeling using the GVAR Toolbox 2.0

The GVAR model is a compact model of the world economy designed to explicitly model the economic and financial interdependencies at national and international levels.

Individual country/region specific vector error-correcting models are estimated, where the domestic variables are related to corresponding foreign variables constructed exclusively to match the international trade pattern of the country under consideration. The individual country models are then linked in a consistent manner so that the GVAR model is solved for the world as a whole.

The course includes both theoretical and practical sessions. The theoretical sessions cover the theoretical foundations underlying the GVAR modelling approach. This knowledge provides useful background for the practical sessions. These include hands on use of the GVAR Toolbox 2.0 that will give the participants the opportunity to build their own GVAR model with step by step guidance from the instructor Dr L. Vanessa Smith.

For further information please contact: 
Theresa Leary
[Tel] +1 413 210 9004 
[Fax] +1 413 517 0900 

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