5 biggest struggles when applying for conferences

Posted On: May 9, 2017

Posted: May 9, 2017

Ahh, conferences. They can be deeply informative and a lot of fun – but they can be a headache too! One point of pain in attending conferences is the application stage, where you send off an abstract of your work together with information about yourself and hope to be allotted a poster presentation or a coveted talk. If you're applying for conferences and finding this to be a stressful experience, don't worry, you're not alone! Here are five of the biggest struggles that academics face when applying for conferences.

  1. Does your research fit with the conference theme?

It's usual for a conference to have a theme, especially if it's a yearly conference organised by a particular group. For example, organisers of a yearly medical conference might dedicate one year to infectious diseases, one year to ageing, one year to early childhood, and so on. Your work is much more likely to be accepted at


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