Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronic Engineering) - BEng

Feb 17, 2017
Application Deadline: 
Feb 10, 2017

Curtin University

Program Details

Bachelor's Programs

Location of Program

Bentley, Australia

Mechatronic engineers push technology to new frontiers as they work to create smarter products, devices and processes. Mechatronic systems can be found in most industrial and commercial products, from cars and aircraft to medical and surgical devices. What the course involves In your first year you will have completed the Engineering Foundation Year (EFY). The EFY builds a solid base of the fundamental concepts common to all areas of engineering. The EFY was developed in partnership with industry to create a curriculum that is reflective of engineering practice. After completing this common year you can select to major in mechatronic engineering. As a mechatronic engineering student, you will design and maintain electronic and computer-controlled systems, including power generators, mining and chemical plant machinery, and intelligent machines such as unmanned aerial vehicles and autonomous robots. You will develop sound theoretical knowledge in the key disciplines of mechanics, el


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