Neuroscience PhD Program

May 21, 2017
Start Date: 
Sep 2, 2018
End Date: 
Aug 31, 2020
Application Deadline: 
Dec 1, 2017

UC Berkeley

Program Details

PhD Programs

Location of Program

United States

The Neuroscience PhD Program at UC Berkeley offers intensive training in neuroscience research through a combination of coursework, research training, mentoring, and professional development. More than 50 program faculty from many departments provide broad expertise from molecular and cellular neuroscience to systems and computational neuroscience, to human cognitive neuroscience. (For detailed information on faculty research interests, see the Faculty page.)

A unique feature of the neuroscience training at Berkeley is the highly multidisciplinary research environment. For instance, Neuroscientists work side-by-side in the lab with engineers and roboticists to study motor control, with bioengineers to grow stem cells for regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, and with chemists to develop new reagents for optical monitoring and control of neural activity. Neuroscience Program students are trained at these inters


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