When should I start attending conferences?

Posted On: May 15, 2017

Posted: May 15, 2017

When you are working as an academic, attending conferences is an important part of your job. Attending a conference allows you to present your work to the academic community, to hear about the latest research by others in your field, and to network with fellow researchers to help expand your knowledge and promote your career.

If you're a student and you want to go into a career in academia, you might think about attending a conference yourself. Knowing that they are important for your career, is it a good idea to start attending conferences now? If not now, then when? When is the right time to start attending conferences? This is the topic which we're considering today.

Attending conferences as a undergraduate student

As an undergraduate student, it might be useful to attend a conference in order to see and hear your field in action. Beyond what you are taught in your classes, at a conference you can see what the big issues and major disagreement


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