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INOMICS supports young students and researchers in attending conferences with a €500 grant

Hear their perspectives on attending conferences and what advice they have to give other academics

Every year INOMICS runs a contest which offers a €500 grant to students and researchers who want to participate in the academic conference of their choice. Attending conferences is a key way for young researchers to grow their careers, learn from others in the field and present their own work to an academic audience, so that the community can benefit from hearing their perspectives. INOMICS wants to support students and researchers by making available this grant to cover registration, travel or accommodation costs of attending their dream conference.

Take Part in the INOMICS Conference Grant Contest 2017 Now!

The participants last year included a large number of exceptional students and researchers who have attending conferences in a variety of different fields. The contest was very positively received and we are therefore running it again for the year 2017. To take part in the contest, click here.

Now we'd like to introduce you to some of last year's contest participants and hear from them about their conference experience.

Glenn Lauren Moore, from UK

How has INOMICS contributed to your career development?

For me, INOMICS has consistently provided timely and relevant information on important upcoming conferences. As participating in conferences is a critical component of my own career development, INOMICS has contributed to this core aspect through their high quality, accessible, and user friendly information services.

Tell us about your ideal conference experience.

An ideal conference for me would be one in which I obtain critical, creative, and constructive feedback on my work, in which I am also able to do the same for my fellow participants, in which there are numerous opportunities for interdisciplinary networking with young and senior scholars from not only my field, but from a variety disciplines as well as from a multitude of career backgrounds, such as policy and corporate backgrounds, in which all of the participants are willing to break the frontiers of their field, becoming trail blazers, and finally, in which there is a spirit of collaboration and idea sharing, as well as a commitment to collectively using our research to contribute to the common good and social justice around the world, albeit each in their own unique way.

What one piece of advice would you give to your peers to advance their academic careers?

Find opportunity in every situation and every resource that falls onto you path, engage open-mindedly and constructively with peers and seniors not only in your field but in other disciplines, listen in detail, speak and comment after long and careful deliberation, be humble when disagreeing, be deeply respectful and appreciative of others' views, have the confidence to pursue the research which you are passionate about, don't be afraid to make mistakes, and finally, remember that you if you engage openly and humbly with others, you can always learn something new in every interaction, even when you least expect it.

Thanks to Glenn for sharing these insights with us! Don't forget to check out our page for more information on the 2017 conference grant competition.