Top Postgraduate Programs in Economics & Business 2018/2019

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Choosing your postgraduate program is a big decision – with so many Master's and PhD courses available, how can you find the right one for you? We're here to help by sharing a selection of great courses that you can find on INOMICS.


CEMFI, Madrid, Spain

Programs available:

Master in Economics and Finance

Taught by internationally-recognized scholars, CEMFI’s Master in Economics and Finance will equip you with a solid foundation in Economics and Finance, state of the art quantitative tools, and frontier knowledge in the chosen fields of specialization. You will enjoy an active, cohesive and stimulating academic environment in which to lay the foundations for a productive career. A long trajectory of successful placements endorses the quality of this program. The graduates are pursuing careers in financial institutions, consulting companies, international organizations, and governmental agencies, as well as in top doctoral programs.

Application deadline: 12 April 2018

The CEMFI PhD Program will prepare you for successful careers in universities and academic centers as well as in central banks and public and private sector institutions. You will enjoy a stimulating academic environment with accessible and supportive faculty. The program comprises two stages: stage one, coursework; and stage two, research. The coursework stage will provide you with state of the art tools to successfully conduct research in an ample range of areas in Economics. The research stage fosters an international academic environment in which you will grow to develop an independent and productive career. The typical duration of studies is five to six years.

Application deadline: 12 April 2018

Université catholique de Louvain - Economics School of Louvain (ESL)

Economics School of Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

Programs available:

Master's Programmes in Economics

ESL’s Master programmes are taught by leading academic professors offering a wide range of advanced and interdisciplinary courses. ESL provides among the best preparations for PhD programmes and high-level professional careers. The ESL’s assets Teaching and Research Excellence and its programmes are world-ranked 17th out of 17.000 programmes in 154 countries by Eduniversal. ESL has also developed a network of renowned partner universities for joint degree programs and international exchanges. You will be immersed in a multi-cultural environment - Louvain-la-Neuve is located 30 km south of Brussels, ideally located to travel across Europe. The city-campus counts 30,000+ inhabitants and forms a thriving, growing agglomeration offering a wide range of services and recreational opportunities. ESL offers a financial support scheme for international students involved in its Research masters.

Application deadline: 30 April 2018

University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU

University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU, Bilbao, Spain

Programs available:

Master in Economics: Empirical Applications and Policies

This is a one year full-time research program. The students seek to specialize in the empirical analysis of markets: labour market, monetary market and energy markets, among other, and their connection to natural resources and environmental issues. Highly motivated students with a bachelor's degree in economics, or any other comparable undergraduate major such as engineering or mathematics, are encouraged to apply for this program. You will obtain a profound understanding of the theoretical skills and the empirical tools and computational techniques that economists use to analyse data. The acquisition of skills for the empirical analyses of such markets favours the specialization of students and, therefore, their access to highly qualified jobs. This Master is designed as a link between academic scholarship and firms demanding highly skilled human capital such as consulting firms, research centres and domestic or international public institutions, where a solid research component is required. Those who opt for a pure research career will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to begin working independently on their Ph.D. dissertations.

Application deadline: 17 July 2018

Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow

Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK

Programs available:

MRes and PhD Research Programme in Economics

The 2 year MRes (Master in Research) programme is normally followed by the 3 year PhD stage. The University of Glasgow will fund up to six studentships covering tuition fees and a stipend for up to five years to enable students to receive comprehensive MRes (pre-PhD) training and to subsequently undertake research in a chosen field of economics, leading to a PhD. Students are admitted first into a 2-year programme of coursework consisting of core courses in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Econometrics, followed by elective field courses, which leads to the MRes degree. Candidates who complete the MRes at a sufficiently high level are automatically admitted into the 3-year PhD programme of supervised independent research. The Adam Smith Business School has a large group of research-active economists whose interests span a wide range of fields, allowing the school to offer supervision across most areas of economics and finance. The Economics group runs four seminar series and regularly hosts workshops and conferences.

Application deadline: 21 July 2018

School of Business, Stevens Institute of Technology

School of Business, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, USA

Programs available:

PhD Program in Business Administration

This PhD program in Business Administration seeks highly motivated students who are passionate in their desire to seek answers to complex questions related to business and technology. The PhD program at the School of Business is accredited by AACSB and offers a PhD degree in Business Administration with three broad emphasis areas: Finance, Information Systems & Analytics, and Entrepreneurship & Innovation. The program’s primary goal is to prepare its graduates for successful academic careers. You will work closely with faculty who are conducting research in a range of research topics.

Department of Economics, University Carlos III of Madrid

University Carlos III of Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Programs available:

Master in Industrial Economics and Markets

The objective of this Master is to produce experts through solid training in three key areas: Industrial Organization, Business Economics and Quantitative Economic Analysis. It is a two years program. The first year consists of courses on Microeconomics, Quantitative Economic Analysis, Finance, and Business Economics, which all the specialties have in common. The second year offers core courses in Industrial Organization (Regulation and Competition Economics), and three areas of specialization on the Economic Sectors of Energy, Transport, and Telecommunications, as well as a dissertation.

Master in Economics

This Master will provide you with a working knowledge of the main tools of quantitative economics. It is directed to graduates in economics, mathematics, and engineering, as well as to graduates in social sciences with a taste for rigorous analysis. The program will prepare you to pursue a professional specialization in one of the different fields of economics, leading to a career in government agencies, international organizations, or the private sector. It serves as well as a first step to students who plan to pursue a research career by enrolling into a PhD program in Economics.

PhD in Economics

The Graduate Program in Economics at Universidad Carlos III is considered one of the top programs in Europe. It consists of a two-year Master in Economic Analysis, followed by a three year PhD in Economics. The Master in Economic Analysis is aimed at equipping you with the necessary skills to do high quality economic research. After following a core curriculum in the first year, you will choose a number of specialized field courses during the second year. The courses will bring you to the research frontier and provide you with quantitative and analytical tools to analyze relevant economic problems. After satisfactorily completing the required coursework of the Master in Economic Analysis, those students who perform well and pass qualifying examinations in the three major fields (macroeconomics, microeconomics, and econometrics) are admitted to the PhD program. During the PhD program you will be engaged in full-time research towards the completion of a doctoral dissertation, under the supervision of a faculty advisor. In a recent study by Amir and Knauff (2005), the program was ranked 32 in world-wide, based on the placement of PhD students.