Top Summer Schools in Economics 2018

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Do you want to learn about a new topic, to brush up on your skills, or to meet more people in your field? Summer schools are an ideal opportunity for you! Many reputable universities run intensive but stimulating summer courses that give students the chance to increase their academic standing in the most vibrant and culturally-enriched cities in the world. Here we're listing our top recommendations of summer schools for Economics students taking place this year.



CEMFI Summer School 2018

CEMFI in Madrid, Spain

CEMFI is an independent non-profit foundation created by the Bank of Spain. CEMFI summer school offers top-level training for academics, central bankers, and practitioners. Participants are exposed to the latest developments in each field. Courses are taught within a five-day period and provide an intensive, rigorous, and in-depth analysis of the topics covered.

Application deadline: 15 June 2018

Barcelona GSE Summer School 2018

Barcelona GSE Summer School 2018

Barcelona Graduate School of Economics in Barcelona, Spain

The Barcelona GSE welcomes the summer with a diverse range of intensive, one-week seminars that combine theory and practice, perfect for busy professionals who wish to enhance their knowledge in the latest research within their field and sharpen their skills, but do not have the time to undertake extensive academic courses. PhD and other postgraduate students also benefit from the summer school, as it provides a unique opportunity to discuss the latest developments in theories and theses face-to-face with prominent researchers from around the world. You can mix and match courses from a wide variety of topics in Economics, Finance, Data Science, and related fields. It's an ideal setting to learn the latest theories and techniques and expand your network, both in the classroom and while enjoying a paella by the sea!

Course dates: 25 June to 6 July 2018

Application deadline: 20 June 2018

UPF Barcelona School of Management Summer School

UPF Barcelona School of Management Summer School

UPF Barcelona School of Management in Barcelona, Spain

What do you need to complete your academic experience? Are you planning on pursuing a management related Master’s Degree in the near future? Do you have a creative idea or a professional project you would like to develop? The Summer School will give you the academic experience and cultural background to start opening doors. If you are an international undergraduate or recently graduate student from any discipline, or a young professional willing to update your skills, while enjoying an experience abroad, this is your program. During the 2-week Summer School, you will learn about management while developing your core competences and specializing in sports management, marketing or finance.

Application deadline: 8 June 2018

CIMS Summer School

CIMS Summer School: Foundations and Advanced Courses on DSGE Macroeconomic Modelling and Conference

University of Surrey in Guildford, UK

The School takes place in September and consists of two parallel four-day courses on Foundations and Advanced Topics in DSGE Modelling. Participants then choose one of four one day standalone courses: Financial frictions, Optimal Policy Applications, Occasionally Binding Constraints and Nonlinear Estimation or Emerging Open Economies. On the final day we hold a one day conference. Course participants are invited to submit a paper on some aspect of DSGE modelling to be presented either in full or during a Poster session.

Application deadline: 3 August 2018

Paris School of Economics

PSE Summer School 2018

Paris School of Economics in Paris, France

This summer school offers research-oriented teaching by leading experts in their fields. During 2 weeks, from June 18th to June 29th, the 2018 edition will propose ten programs in Paris. It is aimed at professionals, researchers, as well as graduate students in Economics and Finance (Masters and PhD). Undergraduate students in Economics will be considered if their profile is exceptionally strong. You can follow only one programme per week, but can apply to two consecutive ones.

Application deadline: 31 May 2018

Tinbergen Institute Summer School

Crash Course in Experimental Economics

University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

This one-week crash course is an introduction to the field of experimental economics. The course will provide you with skills needed to design and run an experiment. It will give you an in-depth analysis of some recent developments, including the rapid growth of behavioural economics and the increased use of field experiments. Because experimental economics is a methodology often used to test economic theory, the course also covers theoretical issues (more specifically, game theory), when appropriate.

Application deadline: 20 July 2018

Economics of Health Inequality

Campus of Erasmus University of Rotterdam in Rotterdam, Netherlands

This course will arm you with tools to measure health inequality. It will also make you familiar with models developed to explain socioeconomic disparities in health and competent in empirical methods used to estimate socioeconomic determinants of health. The course is targeted at economists embarking on research on population health, as well as at researchers from the field of public health wishing to become competent in techniques employed by economists to measure and explain health inequality.

Application deadline: 15 May 2018

Research on Productivity, Trade, and Growth: Theory and Practice

Tinbergen Institute in Amsterdam, Netherlands

This course provides a self-contained set of lectures to bring PhD students and practitioners up to speed in the area of empirical research using firm-level data. The course starts with an introduction to models of firm dynamics. Next, attention is paid to estimation of productivity, including methods to cope with sample selection, endogeneity of inputs, and lack of firm-level quality adjusted prices. Finally, the course discusses recent empirical work on structural modeling of productivity, trade and growth. Besides theory, the course will include a set of lectures on data handling, programming, and algorithms for empirical applications, as well as daily hands-on practical sessions.

Application deadline: 15 June 2018

Introduction in Genome-Wide Data Analysis

Tinbergen Institute in Amsterdam, Netherlands

The goal of the summer school is to introduce researchers from various fields to key concepts, state-of-the-art methods, and computer tools in statistical genetics that can be applied in the social and medical sciences. The course will be highly quantitative and interactive, covering topics such as the estimation and interpretation of heritability using molecular genetic data, genetic association studies, polygenic prediction, and identification strategies to isolate causal effects using genetic insights. It will emphasize methodological issues such as appropriate study design, data integrity, multiple testing, detecting and controlling for potential confounds, as well as factors influencing the accuracy of polygenic scores.

Application deadline: 19 June 2018

 University of Warwick

Warwick Summer School

University of Warwick in London, UK

The University of Warwick Summer School 2018 will be hosted in the iconic capital city of London. The three-week course provides a unique combination of learning and debating with renowned academics and high-profile guest speakers, living alongside your peers in a beautiful area of London and enjoying a fun and engaging social and cultural programme to give you a real taste of London.

Application deadline: 31 May 2018

EcoMod Modeling School

EcoMod Modeling School - Europe (Modeling with GAMS, DSGE, CGE Modeling, EViews, Stata and OLG Models)

EcoMod in Prague, Czech Republic

All EcoMod courses are fully practical and provide hands-on experience through intensive use of exercises on the computer. Participants actually build the models step-by-step with individualized guidance from instructors: from small to large scale and from simple to complex structure. A discount of $500 is offered on the regular fee, and $400 on the university fee for registrations and payments completed by May 15, 2018.

Application deadline: 15 June 2018

Global School in Empirical Research Methods

Global School in Empirical Research Methods

University of St. Gallen in St. Gallen, Switzerland

Enabling a data-driven business is a key success factor - but requires new skillsets. Need insights on Big Data, Machine Learning or Data Mining? This and more is offered in more than 31, compact 5-day intensive courses at GSERM St.Gallen. The GSERM Global School in Empirical Research Methods at the University of St. Gallen is a high-calibre programme teaching research methodology. They welcome members of academia, PhD and master students as well as professionals of all fields. You will enhance your skills in block seminars taught by world-class faculty amongst an international crowd of participants, also providing you with a unique opportunity for exchanging experiences.

Application deadline: 15 May 2018