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Application Deadline



As a post-doctoral researcher, your main tasks will be (a) to conduct scholarly research and (b) to participate in research funding applications -- independently as well as in collaboration with other faculty members at Hanken. If you wish, and upon agreement, the post-doctoral researcher is also expected to participate to a limited extent in activities associated with teaching and supervision. We are interested in recruiting a post-doctoral scholar of high international standard and potential for a successful academic career. International candidates are warmly welcomed to apply.

The position relates to one of four Areas of Strength of Hanken’s, Competition Economics and Service Strategy, and especially its sub-area Quantitative consumer behaviour and competition economics.

As this sub-area is a cross-disciplinary initiative of discipline of economics, on one hand, and the discipline of quantitative marketing and consumer research, on the other, your educational background should include a PhD degree in either (i) economics or (ii) marketing. We are particularly welcoming candidates holding a recent PhD degree in (i) behavioural economics, competition economics, experimental economics, or industrial organisation, or (ii) quantitative marketing/consumer research or marketing science/modelling. About-to-doctorate candidates are also welcomed to apply.

The position is also associated with Helsinki Graduate School of Economics (Helsinki GSE, https://www.helsinkigse.fi/ ), in which Hanken is one of the three constituent universities (along with University of Helsinki and Aalto University). Helsinki GSE employs 25 professors and altogether about 100 researchers in economics. Helsinki GSE organizes jointly run graduate teaching and seminar series for its participating units making the Helsinki GSE community the center of academic economics research in Finland. The present position is especially affiliated with Helsinki GSE’s research groups of behavioral economics and industrial organization.

During semesters, you are expected to spend a minimum average of three days per week at Hanken in Helsinki in order to actively contribute to the research and teaching environment. The position is a fixed-term 3-year position, starting as soon as possible but no earlier than 15 September 2020.

As eligibility requirements, applicants are required to have a PhD degree in economics or marketing at the time of employment, as well as a fluent command of English. Beyond these eligibility requirements, further qualifications considered as merits when evaluating and ranking the applicants are:

  1. existing academic publications;
  2. high-quality plans and high potential for future academic research projects and publications (incl. publications in preparation and “pipeline” for top academic journals in economics or marketing);
  3. high fit between your previous, ongoing, and future research and topics and methods of Hanken’s Area of Strength Competition Economics and Service Strategy, its sub-area Quantitative consumer behaviour and competition economics
  4. teaching experience in varied courses of economics or marketing, experience of supervising students, and teaching skills (incl. potential pedagogical studies).
  5. Swedish language skills are also considered a merit -- albeit not mandatory.

Given the research focus of the position, strong merits related to the first three qualifications above are prioritized in evaluating and ranking applicants. The applicant should him/herself pinpoint and describe the (3) fit between her/his research efforts and the focal topics and methods of the Quantitative consumer behaviour and competition economics area of Hanken.

The salary for the post-doctoral researcher is based on the university salary system in Finland (including employee healthcare as well as pension and holiday contributions). The salary range is approximately 39,000€—45,000€ per year; the exact salary level will depend upon the recruited individual’s qualifications and performance. In addition to the salary, the university’s foundation grants faculty members substantial publication awards for high-quality publications.

Enquiries may be directed to Professor Topi Miettinen (topi.miettinen@hanken.fi) and Professor, Dean of Research and Innovation Jaakko Aspara (jaakko.aspara@hanken.fi).

An application letter, including the following attachments,

  • CV
  • publication list
  • selected recent publications (max. 5 in number)
  • research statement/plans (i.e. description of research and publication projects in planning, in preparation, and in pipeline; incl. funding obtained for these) – indicating also how the candidate’s research fits with the focal area of the position

should be submitted in Hanken's recruitment database (please follow the link to more information) by 9 August 2020. All the above attachments are mandatory, for the applicant to be considered for the position. In addition, other relevant documents (e.g., certificates, recommendations) may be submitted with the application.

Short-listed applicants are invited to an interview with the recruitment team through videoconferencing in August 2020. Interviews can also take place during online academic conferences in August (e.g., American Marketing Association Summer Educators’ conference; EEA-ESEM 2020 conference in economics 24-27 Aug, EARIE2020 conference in industrial economics 28-30 Aug) or the 2020 ESA Global Online Around-the-Clock Meetings 10-12 Sept. The final candidates will be invited for a campus visit at Hanken in Helsinki, whenever the travel restrictions due to covid-19 allow this.



The location of the position is in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Helsinki has been regarded among the top 20 most liveable cities in the world (Economist 2019). Helsinki has also been ranked as No. 1, among best cities for work—life balance. Finland, as a country, is ranked as the No. 1 best-governed country in the world (The Legatum prosperity index 2019), as well as the No. 1 happiest country in the world (World happiness.report 2020). This is due to, inter alia, high level of equality and safety; free, high-quality education at both primary, secondary, and university levels; affordable healthcare and childcare; and competitiveness and innovativeness of the business sector.

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Application Deadline




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