Assistant/Associate Athletic Trainer

University of San Diego

Detailed Description:

The Assistant/Associate Athletic Trainer is responsible for all aspects of health care in the athletic environment. This includes prevention of athletic injuries; recognition and evaluation of injuries; management, treatment, and disposition of athletic injuries; rehabilitation of athletic injuries; organization and administration; and education and counseling of athletes, as outlined by the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA). This position must maintain appropriate certifications and Continuing Education Unites (CEUs) as required in the field.

Supervision Received:
Assistant: General supervision from the Director of Sports Medicine/ Head Athletic Trainer and Associate Athletic Trainer; indirect general supervision from the University team physician.

Associate: General supervision from the Director of Sports Medicine/ Head Athletic Trainer; indirect general supervision from the University team physician.

Supervision Exercised:
Assistant: Immediate supervision of part-time staff, athletic training students, and work-study students.

Associate: Assume all duties of the Director of Sports Medicine/Head Athletic Trainer in their absence. General supervision of the Assistant Athletic Trainers; indirect immediate supervision of part-time staff, and athletic training students.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Prevention 
• Assist with scheduling and organizing team pre-participation physicals and review of athletes’ health history. Assist team physician(s).
• Oversee selection of proper fitting plus maintenance of protective equipment, including the use of adhesive tape, bandages, and orthoses.
• Reduce and control environmental hazards, thereby creating a safe environment.
• Advise the coaching staff of general and specific health practices, training activities and programs.
• In cooperation with the Strength and Conditioning Coach, advise the coaching staff of appropriate weight training programs. Set restrictions for Athletes at Risk.
• Practice Universal Precautions (OSHA) when exposed to bodily fluids.

2. Recognition and Evaluation
• Through observance of daily practices and contests, and working in the athletic training room, identify and evaluate the severity of athletic injuries.
• Evaluate acute injuries with referrals to team physician(s) or other health care professionals as needed.
• Evaluate chronic injuries with referrals to team physician(s) or other health care professionals as needed.
• Assess patient progress.
• Assess illnesses with referrals to team physician with referrals to team physician(s) or other health care professionals as needed.
• Coordinate all team physician appointments.

3. Management and Treatment 
• Provide emergency and first aid care and treatment of acute injuries.
• Implement athletic training staff emergency care procedures.
• Facilitate transportation logistics to expedite emergency care.
• Maintain cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and AED certification.
• Time permitting, provide first aid and injury referral of non-intercollegiate and club sport participants.

4. Rehabilitation
• Under supervision of the team physician, administer therapeutic modalities. Design and implement injury rehabilitation programs.
• Implement a sport-specific and injury-specific “return to play” plan.
• Design and fit specific orthopedic devices.
• Apply therapeutic and protective bandaging and wrapping for practices and contests.

5. Organization and Administration 
• Assist in administering the University Athletic Injury insurance policy and claims processing. Coordinate primary and University insurance information for medical providers. 
• Assist in annually providing students and parents/guardians with written information regarding the University Athletic Injury policy.
• Assist in annually acquiring and maintaining primary insurance information for individual athletes.
• Maintain accurate health, injury, treatment, rehabilitation and physician referrals for individual athletes. Maintain daily treatment records and rehabilitation progress notes. Protect the athlete’s privacy.
• Organization and administration, including scheduling, of athletic department sponsored sports camps
• Supervise and teach athletic training students.
• Assist in assigning athletic training staff and athletic training students to practices, events and training room coverage.
• Participate in recruitment of student athletic trainers.
• Maintain athletic training room facilities in a safe and sanitary condition.
• Apply University and Athletic Department policies and regulations in regard to the use/abuse of alcohol and drugs.
• Assist with NCAA and/or institutional drug testing.
• Coordinate equipment repair and training room maintenance.

Associate position would have following additional duties:
• Assist with annually updating USD Concussion Protocol. Assist with coordinating concussion education for administration, coaches, athletes and staff. Submit Concussion protocol NCAA for annual approval.
• Maintain or assist with maintaining inventory reports of athletic training supplies, equipment, and maintenance. Order necessary supplies.

6. Education and Counseling 
• Counsel and advise student athletes and coaches in rehabilitation, conditioning, diet, nutrition, use of ergogenic aids, and the psychology of athletes.
• Provide in-service and ongoing clinical education for the athletic training students.
• Provide CPR training for coaches and other USD campus community members as needed.
• Liaison with Counseling Center.

7. Additional Responsibilities 
• Maintain all personal certification requirements, including CEUs for NATA certification.
• Participate in Athletic Department meetings.
• Be aware of and practice the NATA Code of Ethics.
• Foster and maintain positive student body and faculty relations.
• Report any potential NCAA violations.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor’s degree required; master’s degree preferred.
2. 2-4 years of progressively responsible experience after NATA certification for Assistant Position.
3. 5 years of progressively responsible experience after NATA certification for Associate Position.
4. Experience as a Certified Athletic Trainer covering Football, Baseball, or both preferred.
5. Ability to use specialized equipment below.
6. Certificates, Licenses, and registrations listed below.

1. Ability to work independently and effectively with minimal supervision.
2. Basic supervisory skills.
3. Excellent interpersonal skills to interact and work with a broad range of people using tact and diplomacy.
4. Excellent communication skills, both orally and in writing.
5. Ability to maintain the confidentiality of information regarding students and employees as 
required by University policy, FERPA, HIPAA, and the Buckley Amendment, as amended.
6. Comprehensive working knowledge of all Athletics and Sports Medicine departmental 
policies and procedures, as well as understanding and adherence to external governing 
agencies’ regulations and requirements.
7. Excellent skills in the use of specific equipment and tools as identified below.

1. NATA Certification (ATC) 
2. American Heart Association’s Healthcare Provider CPR certification
3. AED certification 
4. California driver’s license

1. Personal computer, various software applications, general office equipment.
2. Use and application of rehabilitation modalities, e.g. whirlpools, hydrocollator, ultrasound, 
electrical stimulation, Continuous Passive Motion.
3. Use and application of evaluation tools, e.g. goniometers, thermometers, sphygmanometers, 
4. Use and application of rehabilitation equipment, e.g. weights, bicycle, shuttles, physioballs, 
proprioception equipment, etc.
5. Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

• Ability to travel for extended periods of time to athletics events. 
• Ability to withstand environmental conditions when working outside. 
• Possible exposure to adhesive sprays, bodily fluids, and extremes in temperature or humidity.
• Successful completion of required background checks.

Background check:  Successful completion of a pre-employment background check.

Degree Verification Requirement: Persons offered employment in this position will be required to provide official education transcripts for degree verification purposes. 

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