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Royal Institute of Technology, Joint operational support

KTH is one of Europe's leading technical universities and an important arena for knowledge development. As Sweden's largest university for technical research and education, we bring together students, researchers and faculty from all over the world. Our research and education covers both science and all branches of technology as well as architecture, industrial economics, social planning, history and philosophy.

The task of the Joint Business Support (GVS) is to support the university's core business of education and research. We do this by providing qualified support in various administrative processes. At the same time, we are within policy support and policy-making and coordination. We are also responsible for performing quality checks, follow-ups and evaluations that develop the business.


As a counselor for gender equality, diversity and equality issues at KTH, you will primarily work with issues related to government assignments on gender equality and anti-discrimination from the Discrimination Ombudsman and the Ministry of Education, etc. 

The work involves informing, educating about, applying and promoting the entire organization's goals of inclusion and equal conditions, on the basis of all discrimination grounds, various state policies and internal control documents, etc. Examples of tasks may be to document and report KTH's work with JML, to contribute in the work of salary survey and other investigations, to be central contact person for schools, trade unions, HR departments and other relevant units within KTH regarding JML, to ensure routines for monitoring requirements and obligations in the area as well as to participate in - and in certain cases responsible for - presentations, training, workshops, etc.

The position is located at the HR department of the KTH Equality Office, where the client is the vice-rector for gender equality and values ​​as well as the HR manager. The service is done in close collaboration with KTH's JML strategists as well as the Group for Competence Supply at the HR department.

To thrive in the role requires that you be motivated to work in a changing environment and not be afraid to work in a large and complex organization. Therefore, you need to be driven by challenges in daily work.

The group sits in modern and bright premises on KTH's campus at Γ–stra station.


  • Academic degree or equivalent in relevant field.
  • Experience of working with gender equality, diversity and equal conditions or related issues (eg inclusion, anti-discrimination) at a similar organization.
  • Experience of salary surveying, sustainability and long-term experience in working with equal and equal pay conditions.
  • Good developed ability to express themselves in speech and writing, both in Swedish and in English when required in daily work.
  • Good analytical ability in the work of identifying and analyzing inequalities and unequal conditions in a large organization, some experience of both quantitative and qualitative analysis work.
  • Merit with good knowledge of the higher education sector, about the conditions of education and research.

As a person, you are responsible, structured and able to prioritize work tasks. You have a personal maturity and are good at collaborating with others and can communicate with people in different types of academic and administrative positions.

We will place great emphasis on personal fitness.

Trade union representatives

You will find contact information for union representatives on KTH's website . 


You apply through KTH's recruitment system. As an applicant, you have the primary responsibility for your application being complete when it is submitted. Your complete application must be submitted to KTH no later than the last day of the application period.

The employment is a temporary agency with a fixed-term employment up to and including 2020-12-31.


Gender equality, diversity and distance from all forms of discrimination are both a quality issue and an obvious part of KTH's core values.

For information on the processing of personal data in connection with recruitment read more here .

We eliminate direct contact with staffing and recruitment companies as well as sales of job postings.

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