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Mid-level industry position

The Role:

As McLaren Automotive Ltd’s Finance Analyst – Cash, you will find yourself in one of the most prestigious Finance Analyst roles in McLaren Automotive. This role will offer you both wholistic financial management experience as well as unparalleled exposure to cross-functional teams from your peer level right the way up to the executive team, including daily direct contact with the CFO. You will report to the Finance Manager – Cash.

You will be responsible for coordinating various cash management analytical activities covering all inflows and outflows whilst supporting your team by continually maintaining and improving our technical cash management models and tools.

You will be required to support the delivery of effective working capital management where the goal is to bring cash into the business as efficiently and cost effectively as possible either directly via our dealership network, or via one of our financing facilities.

You will be required to ensure that cash is accurately tracked against our medium and long-term plans. You will work closely alongside the Financial Planning and Analysis team to ensure the plans you flow through the cash management model for daily cash flow tracking, reforecasting and reporting to the CFO are always accurate and aligned with the business’ latest plan.

You will be required to prepare accurate weekly cash flow forecasting and reporting for group treasury, ensuring the cash flow has been actualised and re-forecasted with phasing and planning that is reflective of what has been signed off for submission.

Cash management timeframes can be categorised as follows:

  • Tactical
    • Immediate (1-30 days)
    • Short-term (8-12 weeks)
    • Medium-term (rolling 12 months)
  • Strategic
    • Long-term (1-5 years)

Finally, you will find yourself in the heart of a high performing finance team with a very strong culture of execution, collaboration, transparency and personal and professional development.

Principal accountabilities:

  • Supporting the delivering of daily Sales-to-Cash (S2C) analytics. S2C is our cross functional inbound cash management process. With this you will provide analytical insights that enables key decision making in the process of managing short-term cash flows. Success here will be ensuring the S2C model is actualised and re-forecasted accurately every day. You will then support the process by ensuring the detailed daily cash flow forecast is always reflective of this cash inflow plan and report the latest view to the CFO 4 times a week. Your involvement in this cross functional business process will provide you with the opportunity to grow your internal professional network across Sales and Marketing Finance, our global regional Heads of Finance, the Commercial Sales Operations teams and you will develop relationships with cross functional peers.

  • Supporting the delivery of outbound cash forecasting analytics to enhance visibility and control of our short to medium term supplier payment obligations. You will work closely with your manager on a development project that will require cross functional business collaboration, to deliver the project. Here you will play a role in developing the analytical tool(s) required to build visibility that drives action and cost-effective management of outbound cash.

  • Supporting delivery of the daily detailed cash flow re-forecast. You will have the opportunity to learn the mechanics of cash flow management and provide recommendations for various scenarios including budget reallocations, cash flow phasing and how best to deal with incremental items that arise, all whilst ensuring that the re-forecast balances with the full year target. This covers immediate to medium-term cash management (actualisation, re-forecasting, reporting). Cross functional partnership with Accounts Receivable, Treasury, Sales and Commercial will be a part of the process to ensure the cash flow forecast is actualised every day by midday with a detailed account of how the business is performing against the plan.

  • Supporting working capital debt analytics and reporting. You will provide support by ensuring McLaren Automotive’s debtor position is accurately presented daily to enable cash to be brought into the business as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. On a bi-weekly basis you will have the opportunity to present the debtor position directly to McLaren Automotive’s Executive Sales Director. You will also have the opportunity to acquaint yourself with working capital financing and develop an understanding of the mechanics of our fleet and receivables finance facilities. You will begin to develop relationships with our external banking and insurance partners with whom you will liaise with on a regular basis in the process of executing the operational financing activities.

  • Supporting bank balance tracking, targeting and analytics. This workstream is the final output of all the work the cash team do. We have a business plan and it is crucial we deliver it. This means hitting our targets every month end. The work you will have supported with across the key accountabilities listed above will have driven a clear articulation of net cash flow and you will support with providing the visibility, early warning signals and recommendations for navigating cash inflows and outflows to land on our targets as planned.

  • Cash team business process maintenance, mapping and cross-team training. You will be responsible for ensuring that all cash team business process documentation is always process mapped and up-to-date, as well as ensuring that you have adequate cross-trained colleagues to cover your responsibilities during holiday absence.

  • Progression towards a professional accounting qualification. If you are studying towards or wish to commence a professional accounting qualification you will be offered the opportunity to sign up to the McLaren Automotive Apprenticeship Scheme. The expectation is that you work closely with your manager to ensure the right balance is struck between continual progression towards your professional qualification whilst delivering what is required of you as part of achieving the business’ objectives.

Personal attributes:

  • Very strong educational background with either finance (accounting, finance, investment, economics) or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) degree.
  • Passionate about problem solving coupled with an ambition to pursue a career in industry commercial finance / commercial management
  • Attention to detail with the ability to actively track and manage complex numerical models
  • Comfortable with and motived to learn new technical systems / data management techniques. (This role will require rapid development of advanced to expert Power Query and M-Code competence.)
  • Comfortable with engaging people across all levels of seniority from diverse backgrounds and walks of life, consistently. Team collaboration is essential…
  • Team player, with a strong understanding of what it means to work with others collaboratively and transparently with humility and without competing with your peers
  • Excellent communicator both written and verbally, with an ability to distil complex information succinctly
  • Proactive with a relentless drive towards target achievement, problem solving and continuous improvement
  • Self-starter, self-motivated and someone that always uses their own initiative when prioritising and delivering results, ensuring that nothing slips through the net

Knowledge, skills & experience:

  • Very strong finance, economics or STEM degree qualification
  • CIMA, ACA or ACCA part-qualified (desired)
  • Technical systems / programming experience
  • Track record of developing and maintaining strong relationships with university / professional peers or colleagues
  • Advanced excel and financial / data modelling skills, comfortable working with large datasets and complex information coming from multiple sources (desired)
  • Experience with Power Query and M Code, whilst not essential coming in, will be critical in successfully managing the on-the-job tools and processes. Therefore, any experience with database management systems such as SQL server and knowledge of Database Normalisation would be beneficial

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Mid-level industry position


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