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At CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, physicists and engineers are probing the fundamental structure of the universe. Using the world's largest and most complex scientific instruments, they study the basic constituents of matter - fundamental particles that are made to collide together at close to the speed of light. The process gives physicists clues about how particles interact, and provides insights into the fundamental laws of nature. Find out more on

Job Description


Financial Support Officer in the Finance and Administrative Processes Department (FAP), External Funding Group (EF), External Grants Section (EG).

You will join the EF Group, which is responsible for the Organization's financial management of the Non-Member States funding and research funding for international scientific collaborations. As part of the FAP Department, the group interacts with all the Organisation's departments in the allocation of resources. 

Within the Group, the EG Section is responsible for the financial and budgetary implementation and follow-up of projects financed by the European Commission (EC, EU projects). Participating in EU projects strengthens CERN's existing collaborations and creates new links with European universities, laboratories and industrial partners, complementing the main R&D Programmes of the Organization. CERN currently takes part in over 70 projects funded under Horizon 2020. For more information see H2020. 


As a Financial Support Officer in the EG Section, you will have the unique opportunity to become an expert in applying EC H2020 financial rules and to manage all financial aspects of your assigned projects: budgeting, financial control, working closely with project members in the Organisation's departments and services, as well as with the European
Commission, auditors and partners outside the Organization.

You will also take part in analysing the impact and in the application of the new EC’s 9th Framework Program (Horizon Europe) financial rules to CERN

You will:

  • Analyse, integrate and apply EC H2020 as well as Horizon Europe rules and regulations to CERN.
  • Carry out budget and financial analysis of European Commission projects.
  • Elaborate financial reports, for both internal and external audiences, such as the European Commission and External Auditors.
  • Provide proactive support and advice to the project members in CERN Departments and to partners outside the Organisation.


Bachelor's degree or equivalent relevant experience in the field of Finance, Accounting or Management or a related field.


  • Demonstrated experience working in a financial service.
  • Extensive experience of H2020 financial rules.

Technical competencies:

  • Financial reporting and analysis.
  • Use of office software packages.
  • Budgeting, forecasting, statistics.

Behavioural competencies:

  • Solving problems: assimilating large quantities of information; identifying key issues and formulating conclusions clearly and concisely.
  • Working in teams: gaining trust and collaboration from others.
  • Demonstrating flexibility: readily absorbing new techniques and working practices; proposing new or improved ways of working
  • Communicating effectively: expressing opinions, ideas and suggestions with conviction and in a logical/structured manner; keeping to the point.
  • Managing self: working well autonomously; taking on activities and tasks without prompting; using time efficiently and effectively.

Language skills:

  • Spoken and written English: ability to understand and speak in professional contexts, to draft texts for publications and/or official communications and to make oral presentations.
  • Spoken French: ability to understand and speak French in professional contexts, or the undertaking to acquire it rapidly.

Additional Information

Eligibility and closing date:

Diversity has been an integral part of CERN's mission since its foundation and is an established value of the Organization. Employing a diverse workforce is central to our success. We welcome applications from all Member States and Associate Member States.

This vacancy will be filled as soon as possible, and applications should normally reach us no later than 15.10.2019.

Employment Conditions

Contract type: limited duration contract (5 years). Subject to certain conditions, holders of limited-duration contracts may apply for an indefinite position.

Job grade: 4-5

Job reference: FAP-EF-EG-2019-87-LD

Benchmark Job Title: Financial Support Officer

Please make sure you have all the documents needed to hand as you start your application, as once it is submitted, you will not be able to upload any documents or edit your application further.

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