PhD Research Scholar positions in Economics and Business Administration

PhD Research Scholar positions in Economics and Business Administration

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NHH Norwegian School of Economics is pleased to announce vacancies within several PhD specialisations. 

We are looking for talented and highly qualified graduates, and offer international PhD scholarships to the best applicants. Vacancies are announced within the following areas:

  • Accounting, Auditing and Law
  • Business and Management Science
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Strategy and Management

The PhD Programme at NHH is a 4-year fully funded programme, combining an intensive course component with active research and teaching/work experience. It provides a solid training in performing high quality scientific research, preparing graduates for competitive careers in business and at international academic institutions.

Application deadline: 15 January 2021

PhD specialisations 

PhD Research Scholar positions - Accounting, Auditing and Law

The Department of Accounting, Auditing and Law has vacancies within the PhD specialisation of accounting, auditing and related fields. The department comprises three research research groups that cover the core areas of financial accounting and auditing (FAA); management accounting and control (MAC); and economics, ethics and law (EEL). Applicants are encouraged to consult the departmentโ€™s website for information about the research profile of the department and its three research groups.

PhD Research Scholar positions - Business and Management Science

The PhD specialisation at the Department of Business and Management Science will provide students with a thorough understanding of science-based tools used to inform and improve economic decisions. The department prioritises inter-disciplinary research within the following fields:

  • Firm behaviour, incentives and contracts
  • Investment, insurance and household finance
  • Business taxation
  • Energy markets, resource management and sustainability
  • Shipping, logistics and operations management
  • Data science and analytics

PhD Research Scholar positions - Economics

The Department of Economics is always looking for highly motivated and talented individuals. The PhD specialisation in economics aims to give dedicated candidates a solid training in performing high quality research, with state of the art empirical and theoretical techniques. The programme prepares students for the international academic job market, for positions at national and international policy institutions, central banks, and research organisations.

Researchers at the department are actively engaged in the following research areas:

  • Behavioural economics
  • Development economics
  • Economic history
  • Experimental economics
  • Industrial organisation
  • International economics
  • Labour economics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomics
  • Natural resources and environmental economics
  • Public economics

PhD Research Scholar positions - Finance

The Department of Finance has an active research seminar series featuring invited top scholars and an internal brown bag seminar series. It hosts the Center for Corporate Finance, which is rated excellent by the Norwegian Research Council, and the newly founded Center for Asset Management.

The PhD specialisation in Finance gives students the theoretical knowledge and methodological skills necessary to become successful researchers. It combines a one-year intensive course portfolio with ample time to do research and write. Students work closely with their thesis advisors and receive feedback by presenting their research in internal seminars. The department offers a stimulating research environment and encourages PhD students to participate in its many research activities.

PhD Research Scholar positions - Strategy and Management

The Department of Strategy and Management welcomes applications specialising in several fields of research. The areas listed below represent research opportunities emphasized by the Department, but applications within other areas are also welcome.

  • Digital Innovations for Growth (DIG)
  • Adoption of technologies and innovations
  • Creating and capturing value in the digital era
  • Strategy in and for digital ecosystems
  • Sustainable consumer behaviour and branding
  • Decision science: Time and morality
  • Team and cooperation research
  • Strategic alliances and networks

For more information, please visit the department's website.

About NHH

Located in Bergen, a beautiful World Heritage City, NHH is renowned for its high academic standards. The school cooperates with 170 universities and business schools in more than 50 countries. We have 3,400 students and 400 employees. Currently more than 100 PhD Research Scholars conduct research within various fields of specialisation. Please visit our website for details about the PhD programme and our research activities.

Salary and conditions

PhD research scholars receive their own office space within their department and enjoy a highly stimulating and rewarding research environment. The annual salary for the PhD Research Scholar position is set according to the Norwegian State Salary, and currently pays NOK 481 800 (equivalent to approximately EUR 44 420 or USD 52 480). The salary ensures a fair standard of living in Norway, and is subject to Norwegian taxes and benefits, including health care provision.


The applications for NHHโ€™s international PhD scholarships can be accessed through NHH Vacant Positions. Please consult the job announcements for eligibility and application requirements (general and specific).

The programme gives preference to applicants who submit relevant research proposals that fit best with the research interests of the department. If applicants are otherwise equally qualified, female applicants will be given preference.

Details on submission procedure are specified in the admission requirements of the NHH PhD Programme. For questions and inquiries, please contact

Start date: August 2021

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Application Deadline


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