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Administers medium moderately complex contracts.  Maintains a continuing review of the progress of each contract and provides management with information regarding any financial, legal or technical difficulties.  Prepares change order and amendments, negotiates with contractors and customers to obtain settlement.

The project involves the extension of existing airport pier facilities, passenger gate lounges/services, creation of additional aircraft stands, taxiway/pavement interfaces and supporting utility provisions, and candidates should have experience of similar scope.


  • Receives technical and functional guidance from the contract Administration Manager.
  1. Supervision Exercised
  1. Contacts



  1. Implement the Division Responsibilities Matrix which records the Project’s agreed assignment of various contract management tasks and the Standard Work Process Procedures applicable to Contract Administration.
  2. Administers assigned contracts maintaining a continual review of progress and providing management with information regarding projected financial or technical difficulties.
  3. Coordinates with designated staff on operational activities affecting contractual rights and obligations, contract performance, contract administration and other major matters.
  4. Administers moderately complex contract changes by negotiating with contractor personnel and obtaining settlement.
  5. Represents Bechtel in contractual discussions of moderate complexity.
  6. Administers information programmes to ensure mutual understanding of contract terms and conditions.
  7. Prepares periodic status reports for management.
  8. Prepares monthly individual contract financial/cost reports; cost forecasting aligned to contract programmes and activity schedules including the impact of change orders and the provision of a variance analysis.
  9. Interfaces with the cost management team including full engagement in individual contract trend programme and the management of risk.


Specialized courses or experience in pricing, contract law, negotiations and accounting.

Working knowledge of engineering/construction industry contracting practices and Bechtel policies, procedures and work practices.

Demonstrated oral and written communication skills.

Experience in developing contract types, fee arrangements and contract terms.                                                                                    

Experience in developing and recommending potential solutions to contractual problems to management.



All the mandatory training required by Bechtel and GAL as detailed in the Pier 6 Training Matrix.



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