Master’s in Business Administration

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The Master’s Programme in Business Administration offered by the Nijmegen School of Management at Radboud University offers the following specialisations:

Business Analysis and Modelling

Business Analysis and Modelling  (BAM) provides students with two complementary sets of knowledge and skills: analytical modelling and group facilitation. Based on the system dynamics approach, students become specialists in developing sound simulation models that are valuable when designing and evaluating strategies. These analytical tools are combined with skills in group moderation and facilitation since research shows that participation is an excellent way to gather information and create willingness to change thinking and behaviour. And this is what good managers try to achieve!

Why should you choose BAM in Nijmegen?

  • A focus on teaching analytical methods to address complex and dynamic organisational issues
  • An in-depth and detailed focus on one of these analytical methods: system dynamics
  • Emphasis on application of analysis in a social setting: communicating results, facilitating group sessions, creating consensus and commitment
  • An international context with students from many different countries
  • The opportunity to conduct projects within real organisations during your studies

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

In a rapidly changing environment, businesses need to evolve and continuously adapt to new challenges. The I&E programme provides the skills and knowledge that enables entrepreneurial problem solvers and creative thinkers to understand the challenges that innovative entrepreneurs face in their businesses, whether a start-up, large company or SME. It deals with the commercialiation of new ideas, high-tech innovations, business development and tapping into new markets. You will learn how an entrepreneurial orientation helps companies to position themselves in a business ecosystem. We will help you develop a creative mind-set and innovative and entrepreneurial capabilities

Why should you choose this specialisation?

  • Unique interdisciplinary approach
  • Focus on innovation and entrepreneurship beyond organisational borders
  • Broad selection of electives
  • Activation of entrepreneurial skills
  • Theory and action-based learning

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International Management

Do you want to work in the international business  field? Do you want to be able to analyse global activities of multinational  firms with sensitivity to institutional and cultural differences and relations with various stakeholders? Then this programme is perfect for you! It offers you the knowledge and skills needed to understand the challenges and issues related to the management of multinational  firms, to analyse the ways in which multinational  firms respond to these challenges in collaboration with stakeholders, and to understand the implications of these responses for performance. The programme makes use of practice-based learning, introducing you to situations where you experience the problems associated with managerial complexities, by using case studies, interacting with guest lecturers from the industry, and conducting projects in intercultural teams in class and in collaboration with business partners and/or local agencies.

Why should you choose IM in Nijmegen?

  • A unique multidisciplinary approach
  • A holistic perspective emphasising organisational,  relational, and institutional issues
  • Theory and practice-based learning
  • International scope with a strong focus on emerging  markets
  • Staff  with strong industry/government links

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The Marketing programme is based on the recognition that marketing is not just about selling products or services to customers, but also about creating value with customers and other stakeholders. You will learn how to build and manage customer relationships and how these relationships help you in key marketing activities, such as branding and product management. After completing the program, you will be able to answer questions, such as how to create a market-oriented organisation, how to involve customers in product development, and how to develop strong brand relationships.

Why should you choose Marketing in Nijmegen?

  • Strong focus on relationship management
  • Extensive explanation of social and psychological processes
  • Strong emphasis on translating theory into practice
  • Opportunities to specialise
  • Development of academic and analytical competencies
  • Thorough insights into marketing management and the interfaces with other discipline
  • Training a critical attitude towards business practices
  • Teaching in small groups

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Organisational Design and Development

Are you interested in how organisations can be designed in a way that ensures they operate efficiently and fulfill their societal role? Would you like to develop interventions that address structural problems, and also take into account the social aspects of change in organisations? Then our Master’s specialisation Organisational Design and Development (OD&D) is the perfect choice for you. The OD&D specialisation will train you to combine a research perspective on the meaning and role of organisation with a practical perspective on how to actually go about designing and developing successful organisations. You will gain advisory skills and learn to conduct research, typically in close cooperation with an organisation.

Why should you choose OD&D in Nijmegen?

  • The only specialisation that combines structural and social aspects of organisational design and development in the Netherlands
  • The programme includes research on social practices and change processes in organisations
  • It enables students to analyse structural problems building on the tradition of socio-technical systems theory
  • Theory and action-based learning
  • Research methods and intervention theory

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Strategic Human Resource Management

The current workforce is increasingly diverse and works under highly  flexible terms. How can organisations use employees’ competencies fully? How can employees provide a meaningful contribution to both organisations and society? How can leaders make responsible decisions, while balancing performance and protecting employees’ well-being? If you are intrigued by these questions then the Master’s specialisation in Strategic Human Resource Management is perfect for you!

Why should you choose SHRM in Nijmegen?

  • A passion for people in relation to their role in organisational change
  • Training to become a critical independent academic professional who is able to analyse real-life cases, to balance between performance and protecting employees’ well-being
  • Preparation to advise management about responsible solutions in order to develop sustainable organisations and  their work forces
  • Small-scale lectures and group work in direct collaboration with national and international companies, in the private and public sector

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Strategic Management

Do you want to be challenged? Would you like to become a creative,  flexible, resourceful, communicative, responsible strategic and business expert? Then this programme is perfect for you! The Master’s programme in Strategic Management focuses on strategy processes and their management in organisations in relationship to their dynamic and complex environment. In Strategic Management you can also follow a minor in Innovation, Networks, or Sustainability. You will learn to describe and analyse the in uences of the various stakeholders, strategy processes in organisations, internal and external environment, and internationalisation.

Why should you choose Strategic Management in Nijmegen?

  • A unique focus on stakeholder management, responsible decision-making, intervention and change
  • A multidisciplinary perspective on strategic management, using insights from business, economics, sociology, and  psychology
  • Development of academic and analytical competencies and skills
  • Theory and action and practice-based learning
  • Dedicated sta  with strong links to industry and government

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