Advanced Management Program

Harvard University


Market volatility and disruptive innovation are changing the way companies compete in every industry—and increasing the demand for business leaders who can manage globally. Whether you are looking to move up to the executive suite or are about to take on greater leadership responsibilities, the Advanced Management Program will accelerate your personal and professional growth.

This career-changing program is designed to bring about a full-scale transformation for both you and your company. For seven uninterrupted and intensive weeks, you will explore your leadership strengths and gaps—and expand your ability to lead organizational change, build competitive advantage, and drive performance across domains, industries, and borders.

Key Benefits

This program is a life-altering experience that will forever change the way you and your company do business. You will emerge from this advanced leadership course better able to tackle your organization's toughest strategic challenges, lead with greater confidence, inspire performance at all levels—and contribute more value as a member of your company's senior leadership team.

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Who Should Attend

Proven business leaders who hold leadership positions one or two levels from the CEO and have been identified as central to the company's succession plan—including members of executive committees, heads of major business units, senior heads of functions, and senior members of the operating group

Particularly appropriate for: Senior executives with at least 20 to 25 years of work experience, including significant time as a senior executive or company officer

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