Arts and Commerce Double Degree BA

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This double degree offers students the opportunity to study a wide range of majors from the Bachelor of Arts (Humanities) and Commerce. Combining studies in arts and business has many benefits, including the ability to think outside the box and utilise both the left and right sides of the brain. Graduates are awarded with two degrees upon successful completion.

Studies in the arts focuses on creativity, problem solving, communication skills, and practical skills, with students able to utilise Curtin’s leading art, media and performance facilities. Meanwhile, studies in Commerce are career-orientated and equip students with the skills and knowledge required to be job-ready as soon as they graduate. This double degree provides you with diverse career opportunities both in Australia and overseas.

What you'll learn

  • Apply broad discipline knowledge to a range of theoretical and practical situations through research and practical application in the field of humanities and business
  • Think creatively and critically to generate innovative solutions to complex social, political, artistic, business and commercial problems
  • Access, evaluate and synthesise relevant information from a range of organisational and external sources
  • Communicate appropriately and effectively in professional and public contexts
  • Apply technologies appropriately
  • Demonstrate initiative, responsibility and lifelong learning skills by applying critical reflection and being proactive
  • Describe global and cultural issues as related to the humanities and business areas and their impact on local and international communities
  • Demonstrate respect for human rights, cultural diversity and the particular rights of Indigenous Australians
  • Show leadership and employ ethical practice and professional integrity, both within a team and independently

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