Associate Degree Business Administration

Our Associate Degree in Business Administration is designed for decision-makers who want to lead in a 21st century global marketplace. Our curriculum combines liberal arts with business insight to prepare students with a robust skill set including insightful thinking, effective communication and organized information management.

Our faculty will challenge students to assess their personal values and connect them to ethical behaviors in today’s marketplace; formulate problem-solving strategies; develop technology-based skills appropriate for the current environment; and think outside of the box.

Courses are designed to give the student a full view of the applicable areas a Business Administration Degree can be used. Courses include, but are not limited to, Accounting, Economics, Marketing, Ethical and Legal Business Strategy and Principals of Management.

Hutton School of Business, which houses the Business Administration Degree program, requires you to take the ETS major field test prior to graduation. After graduation, potential careers can be found in:

Financial Planning and Management

Securities and Credit Services

Real Estate


Corporate Financial Management



Management and Public Relations

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