BA in Women's and Gender Studies

Athabasca University
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Athabasca University’s online Women’s and Gender Studies program will develop or expand your knowledge of the established field of women’s studies and the emerging field of gender studies.

Discover how feminist and gender theories, concepts, history, methodologies, research and activism inform the lives and experiences of women across time and place. You will also learn about gender as a social construct within a variety of contexts.

Develop your awareness of the historical, cultural and political bases of prejudice, discrimination, inequalities and oppression. Consider and analyze how intersecting systems of oppression condition humans’ lives, including






You will explore feminist insights and alternatives that foster solidarity, equity and social justice among diverse human experiences and ways of life.

Why take the Bachelor of Arts?

The Bachelor of Arts strengthens critical and creative thinking through a broad range of social, political and cultural studies. The program is designed to

broaden your perspective on local and global affairs

encourage community and social involvement

prepare you for lifelong learning and occupational diversity

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Bachelor's programs


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