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Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) Stand out as a global law professional

Our innovative Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) program will give you the skills needed to solve global challenges in an international corporate environment, while working at top law firms, major corporations and organizations worldwide. The program is taught with a comparative law methodology, focusing on EU law and the fundamentals of civil and common law, and has been expertly crafted by the world-renowned IE Law School. We train corporate lawyers capable of handling cross-border transactions with international clients, allowing them to become leaders in their organizations and in society. We welcome students who embrace change and seek an innovative learning experience.



The LL.B. program allows students to obtain a Concentration Diploma after studying the Foundations of Law – Civil and Common Law, with a focus on EU law. In addition, students can go beyond the classroom to gain practical experience through the “Law Unplugged” component of the program. IE University has been granted a module in the Jean Monnet program, enhancing its ability to support teaching and research related to European Common Private Law.

Why study a Bachelor of Laws at IEU?

  1. Be part of a unique program

    IE Law School’s international and innovative nature, combined with our approach to legal education through a comparative methodology, makes this program truly unique.

  2. Benefit from international rankings

    IE Law School belongs to the Law Schools Global League, and is highly ranked at an international level by the Financial Times’ Global Legal Education Report.

  3. Acquire an international outlook and a global network

    This is one of the most international programs in the world, thanks to the global vision it imparts and the opportunity it creates to practice a wider spectrum of law. The global network is built through daily interactions with other students and professors, as well as internships at top firms.

  4. Earn a fully accredited degree

    Our LL.B. fully complies with the Bologna Process, and is accredited by the Spanish Government and the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

  5. Access career opportunities in the public and private sectors

    Our students often receive job offers prior to graduation; some of the world’s top employers have ranked IE University among their preferred institutions for future recruitment.

Become a global jurist

Through unique partnerships with prestigious global organizations and institutions, the LL.B. offers students the possibility of developing a career in four different countries. These diverse partnerships have been designed to offer our students several paths that will allow them to practice law in different countries and legal systems (Spain, UK, United States and India).

Acquire a global training and learn about various legal systems

The Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) degree follows a comparative law methodology, whereby students have the opportunity to learn about various legal systems with emphasis on Civil and Common Law and choose from four different tracks (UK, United States, Spain and India). Regardless of the track students decide to follow, they willl graduate fully prepared to practice law in different jurisdictions in public and private sectors. Students also finish their degree with a Concentration Diploma in either Business Law, International Relations, Business Management, Psychology, European Law or Global Law.

Study and practice law in Spain

The LL.B. AbogacĂ­a Track prepares you to access the MAB (Master en AbogacĂ­a) and practice law in Spain. Students following this track can work in the best Spanish and international law firms and institutions. Some subjects of the program (20%) are taught from a Spanish Law perspective and in the Spanish language, though maintaining its global orientation.

Study and practice law in the United States

The Bachelor of Laws at IE University + LL.M. or J.D. at Northwestern University will help you develop an outstanding profile when entering the legal job market. These pioneering programs meet the growing demand for cross-border legal professionals by achieving a deep understanding of different legal systems and, in particular, of the US legal system. You will finish this track with two diplomas from two top universities.

Study and practice law in the UK

By following this track you will get to study law in England and result in both a Spanish and English certified law degree in one unique program: LL.B. at IE University + LL.B. UK and LPC or BPTC at the University of Law. Due to the specific knowledge you gain of the UK law, you will be of higher value for law firms. You will finish with two law degrees from two top universities and with the required official course to become either a solicitor (LPC) or a barrister (BPTC) in the UK.

Understanding law beyond visible frontiers

Bachelor of Laws student, Joy Archer explains why law is just another art form. “Law is a creative profession that requires all of my skills. I can imagine myself being a global professional creating the future of law”.

Our law students became journalists for the day as they interviewed lawyers and Managing Partners of Spain's leading law firms and the Big Four for the most popular financial newspaper in Spain, ExpansiĂłn JurĂ­dico. In the interviews, our respondents discuss how technology is transforming the legal sector, how they reached the position of Managing Partner and what professional and personal challenges they have faced, offering advice to aspiring lawyers.

BACHELOR OF LAWS (LL.B.) Clara Lavandeira interviews Juan Picón, Managing Partner for Latham & Watkins: “In light of extreme technological changes, the return to empathy and personal relationships is key”

BACHELOR OF LAWS (LL.B.) Juan Alberto Lamas interviews Ignacio Ruiz Cámara, Managing Partner for Allen & Overy Ignacio Ruiz Cámara: “In a professional interview you have to demonstrate interest and curiosity”

BACHELOR OF LAWS (LL.B.) María Barragán interviews María José Menéndez: “Possessing a high level of english and good grades does not guarantee success”

BACHELOR OF LAWS (LL.B.) Irene Duque interviews Luis de Carlos, Managing Partner for Uría Menéndez: “There’s no need to obsess over specializing too soon”


Students can start their Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) at either the Madrid or Segovia campus. If they begin in Segovia, their first two years will take place there and their last two years will take place in Madrid.

Language Proficiency Track

The Language Proficiency Track (LPT) is for students who want to develop the English skills necessary for professional success in the world of international law.

Students studying a Bachelor of Laws at IEU belong to an international environment, mirroring the global challenges they’ll face in the future. The LPT prepares students for both their classes and their careers by helping them overcome language constraints. The LL.B. is taught entirely in English.


Michelle Meier Mattern, 4th year studentBachelor of Laws"Studying at IEU has helped me differentiate myself from other candidates because of three main things; my international exposure during these years at university, the practical and soft skills I learned, and the entepreneurial and innovative approach to law that they have shown me." Ana MartĂ­nez, GraduateBachelor of Laws"Once you graduate and start working, you know what to expect and most importantly, you know what is expected from you." Raquel Rodriguez Lozano, 4th year student (about her internship)Bachelor of Laws"The LL.B. program constantly provides new information about a range of subjects, inlcuding philosophy, history, politics, economics and other fields." Hanna Jelezovskaia, 3rd year studentBachelor of Laws


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