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If you choose to pursue your MBA while you continue to work, the Miami MBA Professional Program gives you a prestigious education in business, while delivering every convenience to meet the demands of your schedule. Our evening classes are specifically designed for working professionals.

Flexible Design

Fast track option – you can complete in two years or if you need a slower pace take up to (5) years total!

Extended evening classes mean that you only have class twice a week from 6:00-9:30 pm

Condensed semesters provide a generous 2 month break over the holidays, as well as time between each semester.

Specialized coursework in finance, marketing, or a blended concentration.

Limited prerequisites that allow you to begin the core courses earlier so you can finish within two years.

Classroom Experience

Case based instruction to enhance the classroom experience where professionals share knowledge and gain perspective from others. This approach cultivates cross-functional decision making required for positions of broad responsibility.

Emphasis on interaction with small class sizes to allow students to work in teams and discuss what strategies work best within their organization and what impact those decisions have.

Complimentary dinner each night with classmates and faculty to network with other business professionals while building community.

High quality instruction from Oxford based faculty and business executives who are not only experts in their field, but will bring others from the business community into the classroom for discussions.


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