A comprehensive PhD programme in economics and finance

The University of Luxembourg

The Doctoral School in Economics and Finance (DSEF) at the University of Luxembourg offers a comprehensive PhD programme in economics and finance. Its interdisciplinarity, its commitment to excellence and its link with Luxembourg as a major international financial centre make it a unique programme.

The programme includes a preparatory training year in academic research tools and skills, which can be completed at the University of Luxembourg through the Master in Economics and Finance – Research Track (mef.uni.lu) or an equivalent programme at another higher education institution. The DSEF PhD programme includes three additional years (with the possibility to extend for one further year under exceptional circumstances) during which the PhD candidate writes a thesis under the supervision of a PhD supervisor in the department of economics and/or finance (crea.uni.lu / lsf.uni.lu). In addition, the doctoral candidates are offered further training to enhance their  general and specialised skills (20-30 ECTS).

The DSEF's first objective is to train doctoral candidates in the most recent developments in their research domain and make them upgrade their knowledge and skills to the quantitative methods used in economics and finance. Over their first years, doctoral candidates take courses and seminars in advanced training in their specific areas. A number of doctoral training modules is offered by the DSEF, others can be completed with partner universities and institutions.

Secondly, in order to prepare doctoral candidates for their future careers, the DSEF emphasises cross-disciplinary knowledge and academic competences, such as communication, scientific writing and presentation skills. Doctoral candidates are expected to follow courses in this area, offered at Faculty of University level. Specific training and support is also offered at this level to help students in their job market process. DSEF’s past students have been hired in academia, public research institutions and the private sector (finance and indrustry).

We expect to open nine PhD positions in 2018 in Economics and Finance at CREA and the LSF as well as in cooperation with the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER) as part of the MINLAB doctoral training unit.

The full offer of the Doctoral School in Economics and Finance is available at dsef.uni.lu

For further information and to apply, please contact  dsef@uni.lu


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