Educational Psychology

Athabasca University

This course focuses on management strategies and techniques for children and adolescents who present serious disruptive and/or emotional and behavioural disorders in schools. A comprehensive review of assessment techniques and strategies and techniques for use in inclusive classroom and/or segregated settings is presented.

Topics covered include the following:

The identification of students with behavioural problems

The types of behavioural problems and possible educational service

The assessment of behaviour

Developing intervention objectives

Monitoring student progress

Managing behaviours in the classroom

Selecting and evaluating interventions

Strategies for dealing with specific behaviour problems

Maintaining and generalizing intervention effects


Unit 1: Identifying and Serving Students with Behaviour Problems

Unit 2: School- and Classroom-Wide Positive Behaviour Support

Unit 3: Principles of Intervention Planning

Unit 4: Assessment-Based Intervention Planning

Unit 5: Monitoring Student Progress

Unit 6: Evaluating Intervention Effects

Unit 7: Classroom-Wide Positive Behaviour Support

Unit 8: Addressing Disruptive Behaviours

Unit 9: Addressing Aggressive Behaviours

Unit 10: Developing Alternatives to Self-Stimulatory and Self-Injurious Behaviour

Unit 11: Supporting Students with Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Problems

Unit 12: Extending Intervention Effects

Unit 13: Addressing Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

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North America

Athabasca , Canada