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Provides students with the industry knowledge and analytic toolkit to develop and implement solutions to key global challenges in the energy and environment space.


SIPA’s Energy and Environment (EE) concentration provides students with advanced knowledge on global energy and environmental issues and how governments, businesses, and civil society can lead effective action. You’ll gain a holistic understanding of how science, technology, policy, finance, and society shape energy, natural resources, and environmental risks and opportunities .

Through practical skills, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and multicultural interaction, teamwork, and collaboration within an international context, you’ll learn to become an effective leader in energy, natural resources, and the environment in both the public and private sector.

Who It’s For

EE students come from a wide array of backgrounds and can take advantage of more than 90 specialized courses, exceptional internships and Capstone workshops with prestigious firms, corporate engagement with New York City’s business community, and conferences with preeminent thought leaders.

The program also draws on related activities across Columbia University, from the Center on Global Energy Policy and the Earth Institute to the schools of business, law, science, and public health. All told, SIPA’s EE Concentration offers an unrivaled set of resources and programs to train experts in this field.

Career Paths

The Energy and Environment concentration trains the next generation of EE leaders to excel in industries across the field in industry (including oil and gas, renewable energy, and electricity), in policy and development (at public agencies and international organizations), and in additional areas, such as consulting, finance, environment and sustainability, and more.

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