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Engaging the entrepreneurial experience.

The Entrepreneurship Scholars Program (ESP) at USD provides a formalized pathway for engineering students to successfully undergo a comprehensive entrepreneurial experience in tandem with their undergraduate degree program. Students who complete the ESP requirements will receive a certificate of completion, which will hold tangible value to those who are passionate about starting their own business, those who are interested in working in smaller companies and those who will ultimately join larger companies working on innovation or research teams aiming to bring new ideas into the market.

Required Coursework

Students participating in the Entrepreneurship Scholars Program must successfully complete the following courses during their undergraduate education, which will be taken as electives and complement all the required courses for the completion of their degree:

ENGR 494: Entrepreneurship for Engineers

Course DescriptionThis course covers the process of identifying and quantifying market opportunities, then conceptualizing, planning and starting a new, technology-based enterprise. Working in teams, students develop business models for a startup. Intended for students who want to start their own business, further develop an existing business, be a member of a management team in a new enterprise, or better understand the entrepreneur and the entrepreneurial process.

Entrepreneurial Senior Design

Course DescriptionThis is a one-or two-semester program where students work in teams, mentored by a faculty member, on an open-ended entrepreneurial design project to understand and execute the full cycle of the design process. Select engineering discipline below for senior design course descriptions.

Course DescriptionThis course introduces engineering students to the many facets of the law and litigation that are relevant to the engineering profession. Through targeted readings, case studies and independent legal research, students will learn about the legalities associated with a career in engineering, engineering design, contracts and intellectual property.

Course DescriptionThe objective of this course is to introduce students to the important issues undertaken by marketers. Students will be able to identify, define and examine the process of developing the components of the marketing mix, and explain how marketers use these components to gain competitive advantage within a socially responsible and ethical environment.

Finance for Engineers

Startup Companies

Students who are interested in starting a company will be eligible for student internships during the summer between their senior year and super-senior semester. To be eligibl the internship is that the project must have a customer who is willing to test and validate prototype(s) developed in an environment consistent with their field use.Students interested in starting a company will have access to the USD Law Clinic for Incorporation and Provisional Patent filing at no charge as well as access to the services offered by the USD Small Business Development Center.

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