Farm & Ranch Management AAS

North Central Texas College
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The Farm and Ranch Management curriculum provides a combination of agriculture, business, technology, and general education to prepare students for agricultural occupations.

The Farm and Ranch AAS program is designed for students who plan to pursue a career in the farming and ranching industry. The program provides practical and educational experiences in animal science, beef cattle production, pasture management, livestock business, animal nutrition, and computer applications specific to agriculture. Students learn skills and practices applicable to the management of farms, ranches, and other agricultural businesses.

Upon completion of this Associate of Applied Science Degree, graduates will be able to:

Identify plants and pests which are of economic importance to forage and livestock production.

Correctly perform applicable animal husbandry practices such as castration, tattooing, and injections.

Utilize equipment owners' manual to properly set-up and maintain farm equipment.

Restate the fundamental concepts of planting small grains either through preparing a seed bed or no-till method.

Recommend modern feeding practices and nutritional principles to livestock feeding programs.

This degree is offered face-to-face; however, some core curriculum requirements may be completed online if the student chooses. The program is designed to take two years to complete and is comprised of the following suggested pathway or course of study.

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