Flexible Combined Honours with UK Work Experience BA/BSc

University of Exeter
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Flexible Combined Honours gives you the opportunity to study unusual subject combinations and to customise your degree programme, making it distinctive and different. This is usually done by choosing two or three different subject areas for your first year. The number and proportion of subjects can be varied in your second and final years. It is also possible to drop a first year subject and start a new one or follow a new themed pathway from the second year.

All Flexible Combined Honours students study the same modules taken by students following Single Honours programmes within the University, so you will be studying alongside other students in that field. The scheme also offers the widest possible access to our range of subject disciplines. We ensure that you receive the best quality teaching experience with support from dedicated advisers to oversee your academic progress and help you develop your academic potential during your studies.

A feature of the FCH programme is that you have the choice to combine your main and subsidiary subjects to meet your own preferences. 

When you apply to join the programme you will need to specify the subject areas you want to study. Please contact Admissions and Student Recruitment in the first instance to discuss the possibilities by emailing cornwall@exeter.ac.uk.

If you opt for the Flexible Combined Honours scheme at our Penryn Campus in Cornwall you can study either two or three subjects from the following list:



Environmental Law - subsidiary only



International Relations




Science, Technology and Society

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Bachelor's programs


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