Food Business Management and Marketing BSc

Newcastle University
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This degree has a primary focus on the production and consumption of food products and on the behaviour of people as consumers. It covers a range of social and natural science and business subjects applied to food businesses.

Key topics covered are:

Marketing and Consumer behaviour

Global Economics

Investigating Agri-food Systems From Farm to Folk 

Agri-business Management

Food Science and Technology

If you’re interested in pursuing a managerial career in the food processing, retail and food service sector, this degree is for you. You'll also be well placed for a wide range of careers in the global food supply chain management sector, with a solid understanding of the complexity of the global food chain system.

You will study the principles of management, economics, marketing and finance, as they apply to the management of sustainable food businesses and the global food sector.

Graduates will have the necessary skills to analyse problems, propose and criticise alternative solutions relevant to food businesses and the agri-food sector.

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Bachelor's programs


Newcastle upon Tyne , United Kingdom