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International Management Full-Time MBA studies in Germany

Target Group

The MBA Program, International Management commencing yearly at the end of August is aimed, in particular, at graduates of non-economic studies programs who wish to expand the knowledge acquired from a first degree studies or the skills attained through initial professional experience through sound, business-oriented and internationally oriented know-how.

Not only do graduates of a business economics studies background benefit from rediscovering the once familiar models in a new light, but also those who simply wish to refresh the knowledge they have lost in their everyday professional lives. For many students, the MBA Program, International Management is a crucial prerequisite for reaching the next step in their professional careers.

Study Program

The program comprises a total of four semesters, each with about 16-20 lecture hours per week. In addition to business and economics seminars, you will also attend a variety of skills courses, in which you will learn leadership and intercultural competencies – all of these a must in leadership positions nowadays. What’s more, CBS offers you the opportunity to specialize in a subject area of your choosing and in line with your own interests.

The first semester, along with its introductory modules on the subjects: Management Principles and Organization and Strategy, also lays the foundation with Accounting. Within this field of interdisciplinary skills, you will attend courses on the subjects, Research Principles as well as Project and Team Management.

On the agenda in the second semester are the modules: Business Environment, Financial Management, Global Value Chain Management, Culture and Change Management and International Management.

Business Project and Simulation Game

In the third semester, all the contents learned shall be applied in a business project. The aim is for students to work on a real-life company case study before ultimately presenting their proposed solutions to representatives of that company. What’s more, a simulation game is conducted here as well, in which students practice making real business decisions to learn the actual consequences of these decisions for a company.

Furthermore, the students can pursue their own personal interests by choosing an elective course from the subject areas: Strategic Management and Consulting, Entrepreneurship or Sustainability. The modules: Financial Markets and Institutions and Creativity and Managerial Leadership complete the program.

The fourth semester consists mainly of the Master Thesis where, for example, the students work on an actual problem or situation, taking into account scientifically based methods and approaches – also in close collaboration with a company. By doing so, both students and companies benefit from the results obtained. A Career Seminar also takes place in the final semester.

Degree and Career Prospects

Thanks to the knowledge acquired within the MBA program, students are able to move about safely in the international business world while positioning themselves for management opportunities. This means that graduates have a particularly good chance of success in internationally operating companies. The knowledge acquired during their studies will be of particular use, i.e. regarding regional idiosyncrasies and intercultural differences. And because of the study program’s wide range, a number of opportunities for applying these new skills become conceivable in the areas of consulting, project management, marketing and sales, or even in general management. Graduates also have good career opportunities in product development and research. But that’s not all; career perspectives in government offices, government-related institutions or non-profit organizations across almost all industries open up to job-seeking graduates. This includes, for example, the financial sector; the manufacturing industry; telecommunications; the healthcare sector and the environment, just to mention a few. This degree also fulfills the prerequisites for a subsequent doctorate.

Professional advice

Curious? Then arrange an appointment for a non-binding study consultation and clear up all of your questions concerning the course of the studies, examinations, scholarships and financial aid.

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