MA in Development Studies

Ambedkar University Delhi (AUD)

This two-year MA programme in Development Studies will attempt to equip students with the ability to address the challenges of development and public policy as they affect developing societies.

The inter-disciplinary programme is based on the foundations provided by the disciplines of Sociology, Political Science and Economics and is taught and guided by faculty from a whole range of disciplines and specialisations in the social sciences.

This programme will introduce students to the rich theoretical foundations of the debates on development and will be based on experiences from across developingcountries, especially India. It is structured around a learning of development theory, an understanding of growth and development, and broad debates on the structures of political and economic arrangements epitomized by states, markets and society.

The programme will attempt to take students through theoretical foundations underpinning the social sciences, develop an understanding of the debates and strategies around different sectors of the economy, society and polity and sensitise students to issues of discrimination and marginalisation in developing societies. 

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