MA in International Education

SIT Graduate Institute

Get a strong foundation in and understanding of the field of international education. Our low-residency format allows you to complete most of your coursework online so you can stay in your job and community.

Through an experiential learning model, you’ll develop expertise in advising, exchange management, community education, and nonprofit and volunteer program management.

This program is popular with international education professionals who have a master’s degree in another field and are looking to increase their understanding of international education, as well as with individuals seeking a one-year, low-residency program.

The 20-credit curriculum follows the same sequence as the first year of our MA in International Education program. If you choose, you can easily continue with our low-residency master’s program after you complete the certificate program.

Degree Sequence

On-campus coursework (first two weeks in June)

Online coursework and reflective practice (the remainder of the year)

10 to 15 hours of online coursework per week, plus reflective practice related to your professional experience


With SIT’s experiential curriculum, you’ll learn how to put theory into practice. In addition to core courses, a broad range of elective choices let you focus on courses that will help you meet your career goals.

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