M.A. in Social Media Design and Management

College of Saint Elizabeth

The College of Saint Elizabeth's integrative and interdisciplinary M.A. in Social Media Design and Management is open to all qualified students who have a bachelor's degree in almost any discipline. Students in this program will:

Learn about the history and development of social media;

Acquire skills to create innovative branding and graphic designs for e-markets;

Write business-savvy text;

Understand key communication theories and principles; and,

Gain the ability to market and manage social media sites for private, public and governmental employers, as well as private individuals who demand a creative web presence.

This M.A. teaches multi-disciplinary skills while keeping students abreast of changing developments, markets and sites crucial for job readiness. The 31-34 credit degree includes day, night and online classes during the full-time, two-year course of study.

A design portfolio and a review of undergraduate courses could result in the acceptance of up to 12 credits towards the degree.

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