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Tatiana Andreeva

Tatiana is a lecturer in Management and Organisational Behaviour at Maynooth University School of Business, Ireland.

Her previous academic appointment was as associate professor of HRM and Organisational Behaviour at the St. Petersburg University Graduate School of Management, Russia.

Her teaching expertise is in the areas of Organisational Behaviour, Knowledge Management and Cross-Cultural Management.

Tatiana's current research focuses on the intersections of knowledge management, organisational behaviour and human resource management, with a specific attention to micro-foundations of organisational processes and peculiarities of the contexts in which these processes evolve.

Course: Doing Business in Russia.


Matthias Baum

Matthias Baum is a Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Faculty of Business Studies and Economics, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany.

His research mainly focuses on the intersection between human resource management, entrepreneurship and internationalisation.

Currently, Matthias Baum is particularly interested in the survival and learning of entrepreneurial firms in the international environment, human resource development in entrepreneurial firms, (international) employer branding as well as recruitment in small firms.

His scientific works have been published in journals such as Journal of International Business Studies, Human Resource Management, International Journal of Human Resource Management, Journal of World Business, International Marketing Review and Journal of Small Business Management among others.

Course: International Human Resource Management.


Christian Breyer

Christian Breyer is a Professor of Solar Economy at LUT. His major expertise is the integrated research of technological and economic characteristics of renewable energy systems specialising in hybrid energy solutions, energy system modeling and 100 % renewable energy scenarios on a local but also global scale.

Breyer has been a managing director of the Reiner Lemoine Institute, Berlin, focused on research about renewable energy supply up to 100 % and worked previously several years for Q-Cells a former world market leader in the photovoltaic (PV) industry in the R&D and market development department.

Course: Solar Economy and Smart Grids.


Giacomo Cappellini

Giacomo Cappellini is a research fellow at Italian National Research Council. He is a software developer and a system integrator and has been operating in the gaming sector for a decade.

Since 2008 Giacomo has been applying game engine technologies -such as VR, AR and CAVE- on desktop and mobile platforms not only for the entertainment industry, but also for clinical research and computer-aided simulations.

Course: Game Design − from Concepts to Implementation.


Leonid Chechurin

Leonid Chechurin is a Professor of Innovation Management at LUT. He received his Doctor of Science Degree in 2010 with the dissertation on Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Systems. His work has been published in journals and conferences in the fields of control and system theory and automation, mathematical modeling, creativity and innovations. He has more than 40 publications to his name in these fields. Chechurin was employed by leading innovating technology companies like Samsung SDI and LG Electronics as a consultant for engineering design group (3 years in total). He has been consulting or teaching at General Electric Global Research Center (USA, Germany, India and Shanghai), Wrigley (USA), British American Tobacco (UK-USA), FMC (USA) and others (in total more than 50 seminars and consulting sessions and several research projects on inventive engineering design).

Chechurin is the member of Russian and international academic communities and the vice-president of MATRIZ, International Association of TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving). He has been responsible for scientific organisation of a number of local and international conferences.

Course: Systematic Creativity − TRIZ Basics; Inventive Product Design and Advanced TRIZ.


Harri Eskelinen

Harri Eskelinen is a Docent of Design for Manufacturability and Assembly (DFMA) at LUT, where he teaches construction materials, 3D modelling, machine design and research methods and methodologies for engineering science.

He has more than 20 years' experience in university education and he has written several textbooks to support his course modules. In addition to LUT, he has also taught at Aalto University and the National Defence University.

Currently, his research interests involve DFMA aspects of microwave components, the utilisation of smart materials and nanotechnology and the development of project work efficiency in engineering.

Course: Material Selection and Manufacturability Aspects of Energy Technology Applications

Subin Im

Subin Im is an Associate Professor of Marketing at Yonsei University. He has previously worked at San Francisco State University and the University of Washington Tacoma.

His primary scholarly interests include the organizational aspects of innovation, creativity and innovation, new product development for marketing strategy, the consumer side of the innovation adoption process, and research methodology using multivariate statistical techniques including a structural equation model.

Course: Creativity and Entrepreneurship in New Product Development from the Silicon Valley's Perspectives.


Arto Kaarna

Arto Kaarna is an Associate Professor at the Department of Mathematics and Physics  at LUT. His teaching concentrates on processing of visual information, e.g. image processing and analysis, and computer graphics. His main research interests are related to digital spectral image processing, color science and computer graphics.

Course: Computational Engineering and Technical Physics, Computer Vision and Medical Imaging: selected topics.


Kimmo Kerkkänen is a lecturer at LUT. He has obtained his doctorate in the field of multibody dynamics in 2006. He has co-authored several publications with internationally highly respected researchers. After obtaining his doctorate, his work has involved extensive responsibility for engineering education at LUT in fields such as machine design and machine elements. Kerkkänen has also been active in the development of university education. With his colleagues, he has established a multidisciplinary educational co-operation model at LUT. The essential objective of the model is to expand traditional project-based learning models towards a comprehensive industrial productising model with technological and business aspects.

Kerkkänen obtained pedagogical qualifications in 2012. He has contributed to several industrial projects and has supervised and co-supervised more than 40 Master's theses on topics ranging from traditional machine design to multibody dynamics.

Course: Material Selection and Manufacturability Aspects of Energy Technology Applications.


Jouni Keronen

Jouni Keronen is a the Vice President of Innovation Development and Partnering at the Fortum Corporation, where he has been working since 1990. Keronen has been operating in the energy sector since 1983. Among recent achievements are awards for influencer of the year in the energy sector in 2011 and CIO of the year in 2008.

Course: Solar Economy and Smart Grids.


Olli Kuivalainen

Olli Kuivalainen is a Professor of International Marketing at the School of Business at LUT, where he normally teaches courses and modules related to international business strategies, international entrepreneurship and global marketing.

In addition to LUT, Kuivalainen has also taught in various other universities, such as the University of Manchester, San Francisco State University, and Helsinki School of Economics (now Aalto University). His research has been published in many academic journals, including the Journal of World Business, the Journal of International Marketing, the International Marketing Review and Technovation.

Courses: Creativity and Entrepreneurship in New Product Development from the Silicon Valley's Perspectives; International Marketing of High Technology Products and Innovations; Doing Business in Russia; International Business and Emerging Markets; International Human Resource Management.

Jarmo Partanen 

Jarmo Partanen is a Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering at LUT Energy.

His research interests are related to electricity distribution, electricity markets and Smart Grids. He teaches courses related to power systems, electricity distribution and electricity markets. He has published over 100 international research articles.

Partanen is a member of the Technical Committee and the secretary of the main session "Electricity Market" of the CIRED international Conference, and a member of the CIGRE working group SC C6, the ERC Starting Grant evaluation panel and the CIRED working group in the field of Smart Grids.

Course: Solar Economy and Smart Grids.


Olli Pyrhönen

Olli Pyrhönen is a Professor in Applied Control Engineering and lately also in Wind Power Technology at the Department of Electrical Engineering at LUT.

His research interests are related to the modeling and control of electrical engineering applications, especially in the field of electrical drives and renewable energy applications. Current research topics in his laboratory include the modeling and optimization of power electronics in renewable systems, active magnetic bearing control and wind turbine drive train modeling and control.

At LUT, he teaches courses in control theory, embedded control and electrical engineering in renewable systems. During the years 2007-2010, he worked in the wind power industry gaining also practical knowledge in the global wind and solar power business as the CTO of The Switch.

Course: Solar Economy and Smart Grids.


Juha Varis is a Professor of Production Engineering and a Head of LUT Metal Technology.

Professor Varis has been co-operating with Finnish metal industry since 1988, and he has been a professor since 1999. His knowledge and skills include design for manufacturing (DFM) related to mechanical joining methods, sheet and plate metal fabrication, metal cutting processes, cardboard post-processing, and reuse methods for waste. Professor Varis has listed over 300 publications including seven patents, he has evaluated 200 Master's theses and two doctoral dissertations. He is also an expert member in many companies and organisations.

Course: Material Selection and Manufacturability Aspects of Energy Technology Applications.


Juha Väätänen

Juha Väätänen is the Professor of International Business and Transitional Economies at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management at LUT. His fields of expertise are international business, emerging economies and enterprise competitiveness.

He has published in such journals as the International Journal of Innovation Management, the Multinational Business Review, and Transformations in Business and Economics. Prior to joining LUT, he worked in international finance and banking in the UK and Russia.

He teaches courses focusing on international business, emerging economies and international competitiveness. He has been a visiting scholar at ESADE Business School, Spain, and Columbia Business School, USA. Course: Doing Business in Russia.






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