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In a fast-paced, global and complex world, organizations need leaders to keep them productive and competitive. The management major will help you become one of these leaders who works with others to effectively create and implement ideas.

Our combination of a strong liberal arts foundation and a highly relevant professional education prepares you to dig deeply, critically and analytically when confronted by a world of business problems and opportunities.

If you enjoy interacting with diverse groups of people, taking a leadership role, coordinating with others to identify and accomplish common goals or solving challenging organizational problems, then management is the major for you.


Required core management courses address the micro issues of organizational behavior, negotiation, conflict resolution and human resources, balanced with the macro issues of organizational design and strategy.

In addition to these management basics, management majors tailor their management focus by choosing three major course electives from among a number of options including:

International Business Management

Ethics in the Workplace

Leadership and Teams

IT Applications in Management

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

Selected Topics in Management

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Bachelor's programs


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