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Bringing together academic researchers and regional healthcare professionals to address today's critical issues in healthcare.

The Centre for Management Research in Healthcare and Healthcare Economics (CMRHHE) at the School of Business, Waterford Institute of Technology, is a collaborative venture that strives to address the need for a well-crafted and efficient healthcare system in the Irish context. Underlying the formation of the Centre was the belief that helping to solve the current healthcare challenges starts with a solid foundation of research that combines the expertise of healthcare professionals and academic researchers.

The Centre is a regional partnership, which brings together leading healthcare executives and representatives in the field of management and organisation of healthcare. Since its inception, the Centre has benefited from a collaborative partnership with the Health Services Executive South East (HSESE), which allows us to leverage the best ideas from academia and the field of practice. In addition, the Centre collaborates with other relevant organisations, both nationally and internationally, as opportunities arise.

The Centre forms part of the School of Business at Waterford Institute of Technology.

Mission Statement

"The mission of the Centre is to provide leadership to facilitate improvements in the quality and effectiveness of healthcare management at regional level through the conduct of high quality, priority-driven, and actionable research. The activities of the Centre focus on important questions relating to the organisation, financing, delivery and performance of healthcare organisations in the South East region as well the support and promotion of best practice within these organisations."

The goals of the Centre are to:

  • Strengthen the knowledge base of healthcare organisations in the region by conducting and supporting research.

  • Facilitate the uptake of research evidence in healthcare policy and practice.

  • Enhance research capacity in healthcare through strategic partnerships with other relevant national and international groups.

  • Disseminate to the members findings of health services research.

  • Identify and disseminate to the members successful innovations and management practices from other healthcare organisations and industry.

CMRHHE Faculty Members

  • Dr Denis Harrington  BComm, MBA, PhD

  • Dr Rosemarie Kelly BComm, Dip.Prof.Acc, MBS, FCA, PhD

  • Dr Sheila O’Donohoe BComm, MBS, PhD

  • Dr Chris O’Riordan BA, FCA, MBA, PhD (Head of Centre)

  • Dr Thomas O’Toole BComm, MBS, FMII, PhD

Since the Centre was founded the overriding focus of our research agenda has been the improvement in the effectiveness and quality of healthcare services and interventions and the increased responsiveness to service users.

Our research projects have examined key issues such as:

  • Quality implementation frameworks in healthcare

  • Healthcare accreditation

  • Human resource development in the health services

  • Regulation of residential care homes for the elderly

In keeping with the Centre's research agenda, current research projects focus on the strategies, structures, processes, and performance of the healthcare system at regional level. The following is a description of the areas of current interest.

Current research topics include:

  • Role conflict in a healthcare context

Research skills enhancement within WIT is actively encouraged both through the structured Masters programmes offered by the School of Business and on an institutional level through research methods courses for postgraduate researchers.

The Centre has been involved in delivering a Research Skills Training Programme to healthcare professionals in hospitals across the region.  The programme has been designed to familiarise healthcare professionals with the research process.  The aim of this training programme is to enable learners to acquire an understanding of the components of, and alternative approaches to, the research process. The programme is delivered in four three-hour sessions, with the emphasis at all stages on interaction and participation. 

The Research Skills Training Programme addresses the following topics:

  • Research topic selection

  • Data presentation

  • Thesis/report composition: writing structure and evaluation

In addition to the training sessions, Centre members are involved in providing ongoing mentoring support to those involved in conducting the projects.  This mentoring support starts during the skills training programme and continues for the duration of the project.

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