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The Master in Management - Technology program provides leadership and management skills and an introduction to the best of current industry practices in private, public and non-profit organizations. Students will also understand core information systems principles and the role of the systems professional and IT within an organization. Students get an overview of hardware, software, file/database concepts, systems analysis and design methodologies. They will acquire basic project management skills.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Master in Management - Technology program will:

develop strong communication, analytical, research and decision-making skills

learn to manage themselves and their own professional development, and to  manage and lead others

have the ability to use and understand the role of technology in organizations

learn to manage human, financial and informational resources

understand how to foster change and innovation and value and promote diversity in organizations

understand the global, social and environmental context of management and the importance of ethical and socially responsible decision-making

understand how information technology may be used efficiently and effectively in the business environment

be able to manage IT projects

acquire the tools needed to manage IT departments

be able to utilize technology to more efficiently manage functional areas within an organization

understand how to align technology and business needs

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Master's programs


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