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Organizational excellence and quality management is the establishment of an internal framework of standards and processes that help an organization achieve consistently superior performance. This framework of standards and processes is intended to engage and motivate employees to deliver products and services that fulfil customer requirements within business expectations.  The growing need for competitive advantage has led to an increase in demand for quality management practices in organizations.

This program will provide you with the knowledge and skills to implement new ideas and increase productivity within organizations, as well as a thorough grounding in the use of quality tools and systems. Courses include Process Improvement, Quality Tools and Frameworks, and Designing Organizations for Excellence. The courses, benchmarked against programs in top-ranked universities globally, will enable you to design plans for organizational excellence, apply various quantitative and qualitative tools to improve quality and customer satisfaction, and implement process improvements with quality frameworks and techniques.

The program is comprised of eight core courses (24 credit hours) and three specialization track courses. Our six-term structure offers you ultimate flexibility in terms of start date and study schedule and means you can complete your MBA in one year. It also allows you to manage your workload better as you take only two courses per term delivered in the evenings and weekends. If professional or personal commitments dictate that you need to miss a term, it is easy to catch up.  Ours MBA that offers such flexibility.


Total Tuition Fees (Excl. Vat)87,780

Tuition is based upon the College and/or Department classification as opposed to the course classification or level. Tuition rates for undergraduate students vary from the tuition rates for graduate students. The tuition fee calculations are an example only and are based on the assumption that elective courses will be taken with the College that the student is taking their major with. However, if the student selects elective courses outside of this College, the total cost payable may increase or decrease to reflect the tuition rate of the College where the elective is delivered. Costs of books and supplies are not included in the Tuition and Fees. Students at Abu Dhabi University are also required to pay certain fees and other costs to attend the University. Abu Dhabi University reserves the right to change tuition and fee rates at any time. A tuition schedule is published prior to registration for each semester. For more information, please click here to view the University's tuition fee structure. Fees are subject to change during the year as per government charges and testing bodies.

Career opportunities

The UAE Government has a strong focus on quality and organizational excellence, and both public and private sector organizations in the UAE and region are implementing tools and strategies to achieve quality and organizational excellence. This has resulted in a rapid increase in career opportunities within this field.


As well as careers as quality leaders, quality engineers, quality control supervisors, and quality assurance managers, graduates will be able to succeed in any role that requires process improvement for product development or service delivery.

Entry requirements

Bachelors Degree

Directly related discipline with a minimum CGPA of 2.50 on a 4.00-point scale, from an accredited university recognized by the UAE’s Ministry of Education- Higher Education Affairs.

English language proficiency requirements

For programs taught in English, a minimum score range of 1400 - 1525 on the English language portion of the EmSAT examination, or its equivalent on other national or internationally-recognized tests that are approved by the CAA, such as TOEFL scores of 213 CBT (Computer-Based Test), 79 - 80 IBT (Internet-Based Test), 550 PBT (Paper-Based Test), or 6.0 IELTS (taken at Amideast or Knowledge Group), or their equivalent. 

Students who are native speakers of English, and have completed their undergraduate education in an institution where the medium of instruction is English may be exempted from the English Proficiency Tests.

Applicants with CGPA’s and English Proficiency Test scores that don’t match the above requirements may be granted exceptions for conditional admission. For more information on conditional admission to any of ADU’s postgraduate programs, please contact the Admissions and Enrolment Department of your local campus.

International Students

We also welcome applications from students with a variety of bachelor degrees from an accredited university recognized by the UAE’s Ministry of Education- Higher Education Affairs, upon their successful completion of any required program foundation courses. These applicants will be granted admission into the program after the successful completion of some business foundation courses. For more information on international students’ admission to any of ADU’s postgraduate programs visit, please visit Postgraduate International Admission.

Transfer Students

Postgraduate transfer students may apply for credit transfer for courses taken prior to joining Abu Dhabi University only once, when they first apply for admission. For more information on requirements for credit transfer, visit Postgraduate Transfer Students.

Course outline


Abu Dhabi University is dedicated to empowering outstanding students and inspiring them to pursue their educational objectives.

Our scholarship and financial aid program represents a key pillar in our strategy for academic excellence and reflects our commitment to supporting the development of the UAE.

We consider it an important national duty to provide equal opportunities for students interested in pursuing higher education and enable them to proactively contribute to society regardless of their financial situation.


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Mba programs


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